Our Voices, Our Kellogg

Get to know some of the remarkable individuals who make up Kellogg’s diverse community

The Kellogg community is based on a tradition of collaboration and inclusion. We are deeply committed to promoting a culture of open minds and inclusive attitudes so that everyone — student, faculty, staff and alumni — has a voice and a place here.

The Many Voices of Kellogg

Humans of Kellogg is a student-led initiative that showcases stories of our students, faculty and staff told from their perspective.

Ted Wieber“When you have the right perspective, investing in people around you is not only intrinsically rewarding, but also becomes a sort of perpetual treasure hunt.”

Photographed by / Shannon Hamilton ’17

Professor Nicholas Pearce“My faith is at my core, so everything that I do — whether at home, at Kellogg, in my faith community, or in the marketplace — is an expression of my faith.”

Professor Angela Lee“At Kellogg, we learn to listen to different voices, see things from different perspectives, and open our minds to all possibilities.”

Photographed by / Tom Maday

Tiffany Smith“It was exhilarating to be around machines and the smell of burnt metal … I thrived on the thrill of the chase of finishing a project and dealing with crisis. It’s made me the woman I am today.”

Photographed by / Ashley M. Carrick ’17

Black lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Photographed by / Ziggy Abdisubhan ’18

The Kellogg community gathered together for “Why Kellogg Wore Black,” a faculty-led discussion and student panel on current race relations in the U.S.

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Chief Diversity Officer Summit

Chief Diversity Officer Summit

This collaboration between Kellogg and the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education brings together leading CDOs and CHROs from different sectors to discuss cutting edge research, trends and practices in diversity and inclusion.

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