Vallendar — WHU Otto Beisheim

Vallendar — WHU Otto Bersheim campus, Kellogg EMBA

Steeped in the study of European business and luxury goods

Consistently regarded as a top business school in Europe, the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management specializes in the teaching and research of European business, luxury goods and corporate social responsibility. Located in Vallendar, a town outside of Frankfurt, WHU is the first German school to offer a business administration major emphasizing the strategic leadership of corporations. Students in this program also have an opportunity to study in Dusseldorf.

The Kellogg-WHU partnership began in 1997 and effectively integrates all managerial disciplines. Combining the best of management knowledge from America and Europe, it fosters the collaborative and leadership skills of international managers.

Sample global electives offered at WHU:

Global Economic Development & the Business Environment in Europe introduces principle issues for firms involved in transactions with Europe, such as trade integration, foreign direct investment and monetary unification. It focuses on understanding the implications of integration issues and foreign direct investment opportunities to optimize decision-making in international business.

Price Management provides students with the knowledge of price management, with a high emphasis on managerial and entrepreneurial practice - another focus lies on engaging the student's critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The Analytics Edge is designed to gain an understanding of the potential of statistical and machine learning approaches in business. Senior managers should have trust in their analytics teams that they come up with solutions that entail a competitive edge – such trust will be bolstered by having first-hand experience with analytical tools and the decisions based on them.

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WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management
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