Full-Time MBA Program

Choose Your Course of Action

Our Full-Time MBA Program provides several distinct options to earning your MBA. Each offers extensive options for achieving your personal, professional and educational goals. Whichever one you choose, you’ll develop as a person and learn how to spark growth in any organization. No matter which Full-Time MBA you choose, you will leave with a broad-based, agile skill set that prepares you to lead confidently in the face of unprecedented challenges and enormous opportunities.

Class Profile Spotlight

Kellogg’s Class of 2021: A Group of Creative, Global Leaders

One-Year MBA Program

Our One-Year MBA Program is the fastest path to a Full-Time MBA. If you've completed requisite coursework as an undergraduate or graduate, this program allows you to bypass core classes and immediately dive into advanced studies that are customized to your career goals and set you apart from the competition.

Two-Year MBA Program

Our Two-Year MBA Program provides a truly immersive experience with the greatest flexibility to explore a variety of interests and disciplines while developing management and leadership skills. Both inside and outside the classroom, you will learn to lead by practicing in an environment that gives you an opportunity to try new things.

MMM Program

This dual-degree Full-Time MBA offers an integrated curriculum and is ideal for business leaders focused on careers in design innovation and technology. You’ll learn how to strike a balance between big-picture approaches and detail-oriented processes, which will position you for a variety of roles that drive innovation.

JD-MBA Program

Our JD-MBA Program gives you the tools to become successful, whether you aspire to be a business leader with legal expertise, or want to pursue a law career with a solid foundation in management. Our program enables you to follow the career path of your choice and provides you with a skill set that truly differentiates you from others.

Explore Our Full-Time MBA Programs

Program Years Start Highlights
Start in June and graduate in June
Accelerated MBA option for candidates with a business education and focused career goals. Bypass core courses, take electives that match your objectives and build your network.
Start in September and graduate in June
Immersive MBA experience. Explore a variety of interests and disciplines while developing management and leadership skills.
Start in June and graduate in June
Innovative dual-degree curriculum. Graduate with a solid foundation in business, design innovation and technology.
Start in September and graduate in June
Complete two degrees faster: Take the same business and law classes as your single degree counterparts. Earn both degrees in virtually half the time.

Achieve Your Full Leadership Potential

Grow Your Skill Set

Be prepared to lead wherever you go and in whatever you do thanks to our customizable curriculum and emphasis on general management.

Learn By Doing

Extend your impact beyond the classroom as you apply academic theories to real-world experiences.

Find Your Path

Choose a cross-disciplinary path to develop the ideal skill set you need to achieve your career goals.

Experience the World

No matter your program, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the greatest business and management minds in the world.

Shape Your Career

Have access to our award-winning career center and connect with top companies around the world and across industries on a year-round basis.

Connect with Alumni

Become a part of our expansive global network of more than 60,000 alumni and develop a lifelong global network.