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An immersive, hands-on learning experience — that’s what you can expect from your time at Kellogg. As pioneers of the team-based learning model, we will help you to grow, stretch and push yourselves and fellow classmates in ways that can only be achieved through true, empathetic collaboration. It’s this skill that makes Kellogg graduates stand out as more than MBAs, but capable leaders.

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See how Kellogg faculty and industry partners turn insights and expertise into ideas, courses and tools you can use now and for the rest of your career.

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Regularly sought out by media companies, world leaders and top business, they’re more than just faces on a page. They’ll teach you, mentor you and inspire you. This is your Kellogg faculty.

When It Comes to Morally Dubious Behavior, Do Startups Get a Pass?

Transgressions, such as treating workers badly, resonate differently when it’s a startup versus an established company. So why do some get a pass and others don’t?