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Kellogg has a great responsibility, and distinct ability, to shape extraordinary leaders who create meaningful change in business and society. Explore the information and resources below to learn more about Kellogg’s long-term commitment to removing barriers to equity.

Our commitment

We are committed to fostering an environment of exemplary diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

As organizations and markets continue to become more diverse, and therefore more complex, we must prepare our community members to be able to engage with that complexity effectively, ensuring people are being treated in an equitable manner and are immersed in an inclusive environment — where they can bring their full selves. Advancing DEI is not only the right thing to do but it’s the smart thing to do. And it’s through this commitment that we will generate value and measure our impact in the world.

Diverse teams
Our collaboration relies on leveraging the power of teams with diverse perspectives, lived experiences and senses of belonging.
Inclusive environments
Inclusion is a required mechanism of effective collaboration, allowing different voices to be heard and shaping better solutions to complex challenges.
Equitable outcomes
Our leaders will go on to grow diverse organizations and markets because they understand them and are uniquely positioned to identify inequity and drive equitable change.

Advancing DEI together

In order to uphold our commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, we’ve identified three strategic objectives: (1) increase representation, (2) increase academic exposure to DEI research and frameworks and (3) improve daily equitable and inclusive community experience.


Representation among students, staff and faculty

We are committed to increasing and supporting diverse representation among our entire community. Last year’s efforts focused on fundraising, providing individual outreach and support from our admissions team, adopting a Diverse Candidate Slate policy and supporting the doctoral program pipeline.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Kellogg proudly joins The Consortium

The Consortium is the nation's largest diversity network linking top-tier students, MBA programs and providing merit-based scholarships. Hear from Crystal Fazal, director of diversity admissions, on what the partnership means for Kellogg.

6 min read

Academic exposure to DEI research and frameworks

In response to our community wanting to better understand how to advance DEI — as well as Kellogg’s own priority to equip students to effectively lead diverse teams — we launched several initiatives to address these needs. Here are just a few.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Kellogg’s DEI Pathway: Honoring our purpose through the lens of DEI

Bernie Banks ’08, Kellogg’s associate dean for leadership development and inclusion, gives insight into the design of Kellogg’s DEI Pathway, and how it uniquely prepares the next generation of leaders.

This is Kellogg: spotlight on DEI

In this conversation with Dean Cornelli, hear from James Lowry, senior advisor of Boston Consulting Group and author, on his advancement of diversity, equity & inclusion.

More Than Words: Kellogg Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Panel

Professor Nicholas Pearce leads a panel of leaders in the DEI space to discuss their experience in 2020 and advancing DEI in their organizations.

Honoring Black History Month

Kellogg students and alumni share their personal reflections on the significance of this month.

Equitable and inclusive community experience

Our community members must be able to bring their full selves to Kellogg. It allows our community to reach their full potential and make the greatest impact beyond Kellogg. This requires full community participation and unyielding commitment.

Learn how our community strives to foster equity and inclusion in Kellogg’s community experience:

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Growing my values & living my authentic self at Kellogg

“I’m honored to be growing on this journey at Kellogg and grateful to feel appreciated as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community,” Lance Wheeler ’22 MBA says.


How much do students from different backgrounds actually interact?

Recent research shows that while increasing diversity has been a key goal across U.S. college campuses “far less attention is paid to what happens after we get people in the door.” Professor Nicole Stephens and her collaborators explore the diversity of people’s actual interactions at American universities.

9 minute read