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Management & Organizations

Kellogg Management & Organizations Department

The Management & Organizations (MORS) Department is recognized as one of the top departments of its kind in the world. Faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research and world-class teaching in the science of management and organizational behavior.

The faculty have diverse backgrounds and degrees in management and organizational behavior, strategy and organizations, industrial and organizational psychology, social psychology, and sociology. They are leaders in developing new, evidence-based knowledge about management practice, and in teaching essential management skills. 

The faculty are leaders in teaching essential management skills and developing new, scientifically rigorous knowledge about management practice.

Their research spans a broad range of areas, including: negotiations, conflict resolution, individual and organizational decision-making, and power. Additionally, faculty members work to advance basic research in their respective disciplines and are committed to hiring, tenuring, and retaining outstanding junior faculty.


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Featured Faculty Members

Adam Waytz

A new paper examines how concerns about the rise of automation may be associated with attitudes and beliefs towards immigrants.

Nicole Stephens

Findings in a new paper suggest that assessing achievement individually is not class-neutral.

Cynthia Wang

New research investigates social exchanges across different cultural contexts.

Recent Management & Organization Research

Assessing achievement individually is not class-neutral: When and why working together benefits people from working-class contexts
Andrea Dittmann, Nicole Stephens, Sarah Townsend, Journal of personality and social psychology, 2020
Examining Anger's Immobilizing Effect on Institutional Insiders' Action Intentions in Social Movements
Katherine A. DeCelles, Scott Sonenshein, Brayden King, Administrative Science Quarterly, 2020
Revealing the Predictability of Intrinsic Structure in Complex Networks
Jiachen Sun, Ling Feng, Jiarong Xie, Xiao Ma, Dashun Wang, Hu Yanqing, Nature Communications, 2020
Culture and patterns of reciprocity: The role of exchange type, regulatory focus, and emotions
Yingli Deng, Cynthia Wang, Long Wang, Niro Sivanathan, Yun Kim, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2020
Concerns about automation and negative sentiment toward immigration
Monica Gamez-Djokic, Adam Waytz, Psychological Science, 2020
A Psychological Profile of the Alt-right
Patrick Forscher, Nour Kteily, Perspectives in Psychological Science, 2020
Organizational structure from interaction: Evidence from organizational sustainability efforts
Sara Soderstrom, Klaus Weber, Administrative Science Quarterly, 2020

Management And Organizations News

How AI Can Help Weed Out Faulty Scientific Research
Brian Uzzi, Kellogg Insight, August 04, 2020
Why Are Social Media Platforms Still So Bad at Combating Misinformation?
Hatim Rahman, Kellogg Insight, August 03, 2020
It Does Matter Who Your Mentor IS, A New Study Suggests
Brian Uzzi, Forbes, July 31, 2020
Why Being Fun, Authentic, and a Realist is a Winning Triad
Maryam Kouchaki, Psychology Today, July 30, 2020
What Astronauts Can Teach Us about Working Remotely
Noshir Contractor, Kellogg Insight, July 29, 2020

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