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Recent Scholarly Research

Our faculty are recognized for their insightful analyses and their ability to push the frontier of thought within their respective academic disciplines and professions. Explore research published by Kellogg Faculty and featured in top-tier peer reviewed journals.
DATE Title Author Type
2025 Marketing Management 17th Edition Philip Kotler, Kevin Keller, Alexander Chernev Book
2024 What Drives Variation in the U.S. Debt/Output Ratio? The Dogs that Didn’t Bark, Journal of Finance Zhengyang Jiang, Hanno Lustig, Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Mindy Xiaolan Article
2024 The Rest of the World's Dollar-Weighted Return on U.S. Treasurys, IMF Economic Review Zhengyang Jiang, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Hanno Lustig Article
2024 Lecture Notes on International Finance Zhengyang Jiang Book
2024 Assortment Optimization for General Multi-purchase Choice Models Tarek Abdallah, Anton Braverman, Wenhao Gu Working Paper
2024 Predictive Incrementality by Experimentation (PIE) for Ad Measurement Brett Gordon, Robert Moakler, Florian Zettelmeyer Working Paper
2024 Diversity in Schools: Immigrants and the Educational Performance of U.S. Born Students, Review of Economic Studies Paola Sapienza, Riccardo Marchingiglio, Paola Giuliano, David Figlio, Umut Ozek Article
2024 Effects of Cryptocurrency Wealth on Household Consumption and Investment Scott Baker, Marco Di Maggio, Jason D Kotter Working Paper
2024 Large Sample Estimators of the Stochastic Discount Factor Robert Korajczyk, Soohun Kim Working Paper
2024 Is Sustainability a Liability? Green Marketing and Consumer Beliefs about Eco-Friendly Products Alexander Chernev, Sean Blair, Ulf Bockenholt Working Paper
2024 Cryptocurrency Investing: Stimulus Checks and Inflation Expectations Scott Baker, Marco Di Maggio, Mark Johnson, Jason D Kotter Working Paper
2024 Solidarity-based collective action among third parties: The role of emotion regulation and moral outrage, Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy Ivuoma Ngozi Onyeador, Green J Dorainne, Ajua Duker, Jennifer Anne Richeson Article
2024 The Economics of Social Media Guy Aridor, Rafael Jimenez-Duran, Ro'ee Levy, Lena Song Working Paper
2024 The Secular Decline of Bank Balance Sheet Lending Gregor Matvos, Greg Buchak, Tomasz Piskorski, Amit Seru Working Paper
2024 Information-Constrained Coordination of Economic Behavior, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Guy Aridor, Michael Woodford, Rava Azeredo da Silveira Article
2024 Emotion and Motion: Toward Emotion Recognition Based on Standing and Walking, Plos One Angela Y. Lee, Raziel Riemer Article
2024 Personal Misconduct Elicits Harsher Professional Consequences for Artists (vs. Scientists): A Moral Decoupling Process, Psychological Science Joseph Siev, Jacob Teeny Article
2024 Educational Ambition, Marital Sorting, and Inequality Frederik Almar, Benjamin Friedrich, Ana Reynoso, Bastian Schulz, Rune Vejlin Working Paper
2024 Optimal Pricing with Generalized Run-Out Rate Policies Tarek Abdallah, Josh Reed Working Paper
2024 Learning About Demand in the Long-tail: The Role of Competitive Monitoring Eric T. Anderson Working Paper