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Shaping leaders for social innovation

The world needs more socially responsible leaders who can see and seize the complex challenges that intersect management and society. Kellogg creates and cultivates those leaders.
At Kellogg, social change is deeply ingrained in our community, guiding what we teach in the classroom and how we conduct ourselves in the world. Through our curriculum and culture, we teach students to understand and appreciate how powerful business can be in our society, economy and environment.

Intellectually rigorous yet real-world relevant, our Social Impact programming is designed to expand students’ awareness about the pivotal role that management plays in society. It aims to inspire business leaders to create positive, significant and sustainable impact in the world.

The Kellogg Difference

Kellogg is deeply committed to building the next generation of socially responsible leaders | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Unrivaled commitment to social impact

At Kellogg, we’re deeply committed to developing the next generation of socially responsible leaders. Social impact is woven into the fabric of Kellogg, and it shapes all aspects of the student experience, including course offerings, experiential learning, academic research and career services.
Kellogg students are equipped to lead with their values | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Students equipped to lead with their values

At Kellogg, students learn how to lead with attention to social impact across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors. Students develop skills that apply to any role — not just those in social impact space.
Community is not only a part of Kellogg's curriculum, but its culture as well | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Learning powered by community

Community isn’t just part of Kellogg’s curriculum; it’s ingrained in our unique culture. As a result, students live what they learn in the classroom — how to lead with a community-centric and collaborative mindset.

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