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The Heizer Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital is an all-encompassing resource which provides students, alumni and partners the insights, experience and network to excel in private equity or venture capital.

The Heizer Center’s mission aligns with the greater Kellogg difference, providing a multifaceted approach to preparing students for these career paths.

Student Educational Experience
All Kellogg education begins with a foundation of basic disciplines to help our students develop a broad-based, agile skill set that will equip them to become well-rounded business leaders. Students then build upon that foundation with advanced courses and pathways offered through the Finance Department and the Heizer Center to fine-tune their expertise with guidance and flexibility. The fundamentals they learn in the classroom are supplemented by a range of experiential opportunities for real-life application, ensuring that they’re not only primed for success in private equity or venture capital, but also for leadership roles in finance or portfolio companies.

Thought Leadership
Our faculty combine their academic expertise with real-world experience in leadership roles at private equity and venture capital firms, and as angel investors and entrepreneurs. Additionally, in funding academic research by Kellogg faculty, we are able to gain insights into how the private equity and venture capital industries function and the role they play in our economy.

Kellogg boasts a strong global network of alumni and PE/VC firms that are seeking and benefitting from innovative Kellogg talent, and all of these connections are fueled by the collaborative spirit innate to Kellogg culture. The Heizer Center is dedicated to developing and nurturing Kellogg’s personal relationships with our alumni in the private equity and venture capital industries because these fields are particularly dependent on relationships. The center works to create opportunities to learn with our alumni by focusing on the private investing space. Alumni are a critical component of our mission to educate current students, and participate in a variety of teaching roles on and off campus.

Success in private equity or venture capital requires mastery of not only finance, but the entire spectrum of business disciplines. This is why Kellogg and its focus on strategic finance is unique. The range of careers our students pursue is essential to identifying the next opportunities in PE and VC.

Mitchell Petersen, Faculty Director, Heizer Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital

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