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At the forefront of Chinese business

One of China's great intellectual strongholds, Peking University is renowned for its rich history, prestige and scholastic culture. Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management builds on this legacy and continues to innovate and refine its practices for the modern economy. These methods have placed Guanghua students and faculty at the forefront of China's business and policy worlds, driving them to create knowledge capital that has been integral to China's rapid economic progress. Students in the Guanghua – Kellogg program also have the opportunity to study on the Shanghai and Xi’an campuses.

A bridge between China and the rest of the world, Guanghua offers a unique positioning that enables students to attain local expertise in China business management and theory while gaining the knowledge, tools and mindset to become influential leaders on a global level.

Sample global electives offered at Guanghua

Finance in China uses a theoretical perspective and case studies to examine the nature and pitfalls of finance in China, as well as practices of Chinese financial intermediaries and financial markets. Students will explore the challenges facing finance professionals in China as a result of the country’s economic transformation, disruptive technologies and surge of new consumer needs. They’ll also discuss opportunities and winning strategies in China’s new financial landscape.

West Meets East: Strategic Implications for Managing in the 21st Century develops a deep understanding of the strategic concepts and business models underlying foreign business. Students will learn to think broadly about international enterprise and future enterprise development and develop a globally integrative perspective that enables them to conduct business in any part of the world. More broadly, the course will introduce a way of thinking that integrates Eastern and Western business concepts and practices.

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