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To be eligible for the Kellogg Certificate Program, you must complete a series of prerequisite and corequisite courses. Most of these courses are offered in both the Weinberg School of Arts and Sciences and the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science. Prospective students may take the prerequisite and corequisite courses in either or both schools.

Prerequisite and corequisite updates

Beginning in academic year 2020–21, students applying to the Kellogg Certificate Program will complete the same set of prerequisite and corequisite courses for both the Financial Economics and Managerial Analytics certificates. These requirements are outlined below. These changes have been implemented to increase accessibility to the program to students from a more diverse array of backgrounds and majors.

No major changes have been made to the prerequisites and corequisites this year. However, we have clarified that both the Data Science Major and Minor course sequences (STAT 301-1,2,3 and STAT 303-1,2,3) will count towards the Econometrics/Statistics Corequisite.

New prerequisite and corequisite requirements

Students interested in the Financial Economics or Managerial Analytics Certificate must take upper-level prerequisite and corequisite courses in five subject areas:


  • Calculus
  • Microeconomics


  • Probability
  • Econometrics/Statistics

Read detailed prerequisite and corequisite course options. You can also view them on the Financial Economics and Managerial Analytics pages.

Many of the Certificate Program prerequisites have prerequisites of their own, so advanced planning is important. For more information, consult the Northwestern Undergraduate Catalog, or contact the appropriate academic department.

Additionally, some of the program corequisites are prerequisites for specific Certificate Program courses. You should familiarize yourself with the course prerequisites, which can be found on the FE and MA Prerequisite and Corequisite links.

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