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An educational hub for global business and new ventures

The Hong Kong University of Science Technology’s School of Business and Management has risen to international prominence since its opening in 1991. Located in the heart of Asia’s economic center, the HKUST Business School maintains several state-of-the-art learning centers that are devoted to topics ranging from Chinese and global business to new ventures in Asia.

In 1998, the Kellogg School and HKUST united for a common goal: to foster a new network of leaders with global insights and local sensitivities. Its graduates represent the best of Asia’s managerial and entrepreneurial talent.

Sample global electives offered at HKUST

Deal-Making in China and Asia In this highly interactive course, students will formulate and apply practical deal-making strategies to transactions in the Asia-Pacific region. Exploring a series of real-world scenarios, the course will examine the roles that lead negotiators, investors, investment bankers, salesmen, consultants, and investment advisors play in these transactions.

Understanding Consumers examines the available theory and research concerning the psychology of the consumer, with the goal of understanding how marketing managers can use these ideas. This course will give participants an appreciation of how getting inside the mind of the consumer enables the marketing manager to design better marketing strategies, with a particular emphasis on effective communication tactics.

Value Investing from an Economic Perspective will systematically present the fundamental tenets of value investing: search, valuation, and the construction of a portfolio. It will also introduce the styles of famous value investors and discuss the basic similarities and differences between them. The course is intended for ‘active’ investors who are willing and able to devote a significant amount of time to continually research, select and monitor stocks.

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