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Our faculty members are diverse in thought, expertise, culture and identity. They are also key members of our community advancing our understanding and applications of diversity, equity and inclusion — not just in the classroom experience, but through their research and thought leadership.

Nicole Stephens

The first step in creating a more equitable workplace is understanding where and how your company’s disparities begin to emerge. This understanding requires putting aside assumptions about what you think is causing those disparities and instead focusing on the data.

Nicole Stephens, Associate Professor of Management & Organizations

Featured Research & Thought Leadership

Whether you're a current student, friend of Kellogg or a member of our alumni community, below are featured research and thought leadership that we hope will provide helpful frameworks and tools to further your understanding of how to advance diversity, equity and inclusion.

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“I’m looking for systemic, permanent change right now”

In this special podcast episode of The Insightful Leader, Professor Nicholas Pearce and Google’s Ginny Clarke discuss the moral responsibility of leaders to finally address Anti-Black racism in corporate culture.

A tilted playing field

A new body of research by Lauren Rivera, an associate professor of management and organizations at the Kellogg School, suggests applicants’ socioeconomic backgrounds play a large role in the hiring decisions of elite professional services firms.

Are you giving all of your employees an equal chance to succeed?

Nicole Stephens, associate professor of management & organizations, outlines ways in which organizations can work to identify disparities, develop research-based solutions, and test their efficacy for a more inclusive workplace.

How to create a diverse board of directors and empower it to thrive

Sophia Shaw, adjunct professor of social impact at Kellogg, and Angelique Power, president of the Field Foundation, share tips on expanding your candidate pool and ensuring that new members are heard.

How to make inclusivity more than just an office buzzword

Ellen Taaffe, clinical assistant professor of leadership, describes four key elements to keep in mind when building a more inclusive workplace.

How leaders can truly improve diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations

Two professors share research-backed tips for rethinking your recruiting efforts and getting the most out of diversity training.

Why mothers' choices about work and family often feel like no choice at all

by Nicole Stephens, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations

The discrimination debate: Why it hurt Starbucks, but worked for Apple

by Nicholas Pearce, Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations

Were you judged fairly at your last job interview?

by Lauren Rivera, Professor of Management & Organizations


This is Kellogg: Spotlight on DEI

In this conversation with Dean Cornelli, hear from James Lowry, senior advisor of Boston Consulting Group and author, on his advancement of diversity, equity & inclusion.

More Than Words: Kellogg Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Panel

Professor Nicholas Pearce leads a panel of leaders in the DEI space to discuss their experience in 2020 and advancing DEI in their organizations.

Honoring Black History Month

Kellogg students and alumni share their personal reflections on the significance of this month.

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