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As a woman at Kellogg, you’ll have people, resources and networks committed to your advancement in business. From the student-led Women’s Business Association to the Center for Executive Women, Kellogg supports women not only during the MBA experience but also throughout their careers and personal journeys.

Kellogg was the first top-ranked global business school to appoint a female dean, and women have led Kellogg as deans since 2010. With the second Global Women’s Summit coming in 2024, a transformative gift from Ann Drake ’84 in 2020 and leading research from Kellogg faculty on gender within global business, Kellogg is at the forefront of women’s business education and advancement.

Gender equality in business: From research to practice

Kellogg is home to many renowned faculty conducting research on crucial issues related to gender in business. For example, Kellogg professors Leigh Thompson, Nicole Stephens and Maryam Kouchaki have researched the impact of gender on ethical behavior and punishment for ethical violations. Professor Victoria Medvec publishes seminal research on the topic of women and negotiations. Professor Lauren Rivera researches how hiring and performance review practices reinforce inequalities in the workplace.