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Fostering an environment of inclusion and belonging cannot be left to a few. As members of the Kellogg community, it is a responsibility we share. Together, we strive to create meaningful opportunities — whether it’s through collaboration in the classroom, an Engage Dinner or participating in a “Hear My Story” event — where community members can share their lived experiences, encourage empathy and understanding, celebrate and seek out difference, and allow for each community member to bring their full self to every corner of their Kellogg experience.

Below are just a few community-led opportunities that seek to foster inclusion and belonging.

You belong in the Kellogg community

Kellogg students, alumni and admissions officers are eager to talk about programs, courses and the student experience. Contact Kellogg admissions to learn more about weekly small-group chats with the director of diversity admissions or to be connected with current students or alumni to learn about their unique experiences within the Kellogg community.