Office of Diversity & Inclusion

Leading Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity at Kellogg encompasses everything from culture to religious beliefs to sexual orientation. Inclusion ensures each of our unique voices and viewpoints can be heard and valued. At Kellogg, we have a community of diverse people who have a strong social conscience and an innate ability to embrace inclusion. We’re also continually striving to incorporate diversity in everything that we do, from co-curricular programs to everyday processes.

We know that our diverse group of students will lead global organizations. As we teach, we think about how they will lead to ensure that they understand diversity and inclusion as a business strategy designed to achieve success.

We are particularly proud of Kellogg’s commitment to convene courageous conversations and host the Chief Diversity Officer Summit, which promotes the professional development of C-suite diversity leaders through the sharing of the best and latest research from Kellogg on diversity. Strategic partnerships are vitally important and support our vision in both an educational capacity and a business capacity as we continue to grow the Kellogg community.

We encourage everyone to bring their best selves to this school and contribute in a way that is uninhibited and respected by all in our community. In doing so, it allows us to produce the very best students and the very best business results so we can become the very best Kellogg.

Our Vision in Action


More than 80 cultural and affinity groups are available for students, faculty, staff and alumni.


Dean Sally Blount visited the White House to discuss how business schools can expand opportunities for women.


Our LGBT-friendly culture earned Kellogg the Friendfactor Gold Status award.
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