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Snow and early mornings in business casual couldn’t keep hundreds of students, faculty, alumni, corporate representatives, and speakers from attending the Kellogg Marketing Conference. The two-day conference started on Kellogg’s downtown campus on Jan. 20 with events for alumni and corporate representatives and continued with a larger-scale event chocked full of panels, keynotes, and diverse perspectives on marketing in 2012 on Jan. 21 at Jacobs. As the overall chair for this year’s conference, I wanted to give you a view of the conference from all of the attendees who shared their takeaways and opinions through our Twitter hashtag #KMC12.

Mark Addicks, CMO of General Mills, and Alfredo Gangotena, CMO of MasterCard, were real highlights of the day:

  • “Biggest change in mktg is constantly listening to your customer. Even after launch! Listen everywhere, not just online. @markaddicks#KMC12
  • “Marketers: avoid in-office churn. Meetings are not satisfying. Move to idea time. Alter, iterate, do it fast. #kmc12 @markaddicks
  • “Gangotena: don’t think with brain or heart, but with both. That’s the power of believing in what you do.”

The day’s morning and afternoon panels covered topics as diverse as mapping brain functions to social media ROI and cause-driven marketing:

  • “90% of consumers expect some kind of cause #KMC12
  • #kmc12socialmedia look at social as more of learning tool than marketing tool – Frances Yu”
  • “Advertising moving from Mad Men to Math Men”
  • “90% of apps downloaded are used once. 50% not used after 30 days. Key to remember when measuring ROI/success of mobile”
  • Job well done, #KMC12 team! Great brand turnaround panel, and the ad review got me ready for the Super Bowl (commercials).

This year’s Kellogg Marketing Conference planning committee consisted of eight 2nd years, two 1Ys and twenty-three 1st years. We accomplished quite a lot together. We did a flash mob in the atrium with the help of our friends from Special K!. We continued to push for a green conference by printing all of our materials on recycled paper, getting rid of the plastic wrapping for our snacks during breaks and using recycled paper bags for the lunches. We conquered a snowstorm and hopefully provided attendees with a great conference. I am glad that I was part of this team because this is a fine example of what you call passionately collaborative.