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At long last, spring quarter is finally here. For most of us, that’s great news! But getting here hasn’t necessarily been a piece of cake. Not only did we have to make it through two sets of core classes and endure a grueling job search, but we also had to learn to cope with the cold weather that comes with the winter season in Chicago.

In addition, students taking the Kellogg Global Immersion in Management class didn’t even get a spring break, at least not in the traditional sense. Instead of taking two weeks off to travel to a remote corner of the world, we took winter quarter final exams early and flew straight to another country right in the middle of finals week to take part in a research project with classmates.

But fortunately, most classmates enjoyed the trip, and we all made it back just in time to enjoy spring quarter. That means we get to take more elective classes than we did during the first two quarters. We’re closer to our summer internships. Closer to finally get a paycheck again. And best of all, we’re closer to getting a taste of the summer weather in Chicago. Though still not nearly good enough for those of us that come from the west coast.

But despite the weather, we’ve all been spending a lot more time with friends than we did last quarter. Likewise, my classmates have also spent more time working on side ventures and club leadership positions. Personally, I’ve also taken part in a wide range of fun activities, such as Bollywood Bash, Kellogg’s LipDub video, and the school trip to the Kentucky Derby, just to name a few.

Overall, the quarter has been a lot of fun and the quarter has left all of us with at least a couple of memories we’ll never forget … even if we tried. Hopefully the summer proves to be even better.

Stay tuned to hear how the transition goes!