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General building information

Read about the history of the Allen Center and explore the space by viewing the building floorplan.

Allen Center history
Directions to Allen Center and parking garage
Allen Center floorplan

Scheduling and reservations

Allen Center Reservation Requests & Pricing Rates

Contact the Allen Center Scheduling & Planning team at or call 847.467.7051

Allen Center Facilities Usage Policy

The Allen Center facilities are designed to support education and community building for the Kellogg School of Management and broader Northwestern University communities. The facility is not available for undergraduate functions, personal events (e.g. weddings, birthdays) or corporate activities that are not in support of this objective. All activities must be charged to the internal chart string account number of the department sponsoring the event.

Room information
External vendor setup protocols


Allen Center pricing rates
Info sheet for dining rooms

Alcohol policy


The Allen Center hosts more than 6,000 executives annually for one or more of the school's 160 executive programs.

Because learning should not be confined to the classroom, the Allen Center is designed to facilitate peer learning and informal interactions among faculty and participants. It is completely self-contained with classrooms of all shapes and sizes, fully equipped study-group rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, lounge areas, snack rooms, laundry service and an exercise room.

The Allen Center's front desk is staffed 24 hours a day and provides a wide variety of services, including restaurant and event recommendations, transportation arrangements and FedEx services. 

Kellogg Executive Education participants also have guest privileges at Northwestern University libraries and sports facilities and quick access to the bustling cities of Evanston and Chicago.

For questions Related to services available for your event, please contact the Allen Center Scheduling & Planning team at or call 847.467.7051.

Emergency and safety

Evacuation plan Allen Center
NU emergency management page

James Allen Center Contacts

Steve Peavler
Associate Director of Facilities

Dan McCrudden
Senior Director of Facilities

Neha Chitnavis
Assistant Director, Facility Operations