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Ways to Support Kellogg

Build Scholarships

We aim to make the Kellogg experience possible for the most promising students, leveraging the power of scholarships to show these students that the door to a Kellogg education is open to them.

Fuel Thought Leadership

Faculty thought leaders are central to Kellogg's work and purpose across a number of key areas, including markets and customers, public-private interface, architectures of collaboration, and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Enhance Programming

From women's leadership development to social impact to healthcare management education, Kellogg is creating programming that challenges and supports tomorrow's business leaders.

Fund Greatest Needs

Funding for Kellogg's greatest needs allows us to bring bold ideas to life and create Kellogg's future.

Story of Impact: Global Opportunities

“I truly believe that the more students have a broad and global understanding, the more we can increase the reach of Kellogg power and community across the globe.” – Recipient of GIM opportunity grant

In 2019, the Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) program helped approximately 250 students explore business topics alongside industry leaders in nine countries, including Sri Lanka and Vietnam. As we look to the future, philanthropic support is critical to ensuring that life-changing, global learning opportunities such as GIM are accessible to all Kellogg students.

Support Global Initiatives in Management

Story of Impact: Greenhouse-in-a-Box

“I chose Kellogg because I realized social impact can’t happen if you don’t know how to run a business,” says Saumya ’17.

Saumya's story demonstrates the promise of our students and the power of philanthropic gifts that support their ambitions.

To support her work as the founder of Kheyti, Saumya received Kellogg's Social Entrepreneurship Award. Through Kheyti, she and a team developed the Greenhouse-in-a-Box, a low-cost, modular greenhouse that protects farmers’ crops. Today, Kheyti works with partners to finance the greenhouses, provide agricultural inputs, train and support the farmers, and connect them to reputed fair-market players who can sell their produce.

Story of Impact: Drawn to Entrepreneurship

"I’ve found that I’m happiest when I have that creative control and when I can start from nothing and iterate from there," says Carolyn Snider ’17.

Carolyn's story demonstrates the promise of our students and the power of philanthropic gifts that support their ambitions.

As a Zell Fellow, Carolyn received mentorship and support that enabled her to launch Welltended, a one-stop online shop that matches plants with customers’ lifestyles and living spaces and then delivers the plant to their door in an attractive container along with simple care instructions.

Blair Pircon

Story of Impact: Helping Teachers and Students

“I am planning for success,” says Blair Pircon ’16. “There is no plan B.”

Blair's story demonstrates the promise of our students and the power of philanthropic gifts that support their ambitions.

As a Zell Fellow and recipient of one of the NewDay Social Entrepreneurship Award, Blair benefitted from mentorship and resources while she was working with former teacher and fellow Kellogg student Qinyuan (Chen) Liu ’16 to launch The Graide Network. The company's online platform connects K-12 teachers with qualified teaching assistants who provide on-demand grading services.


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