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RA and TA matching

Research Support maintains an actively advertised and updated directory of Northwestern students who are interested in Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant/Grader opportunities.

To request RA or TA/Grading support, please submit the RA and TA/Grader Support Request Form. Upon receipt of your form, our team will review applicants and provide you with a brief list of qualifying students, whom you are free to contact for interview scheduling and hiring purposes.

Please note that our team does not pre-interview students--this is an important step for faculty requesting support to complete before selecting a student for hire. Paperwork for the hiring process will be completed within the faculty member's home department.

Skills within our applicant pool include:

  • R
  • Stata
  • Python
  • SPSS
  • RA or TA experience
  • Multiple Econ or Stats classes

 The RATA matching team can be contacted directly at


RA and TA application

Northwestern University undergraduate or graduate students, as well as community members, are eligible to be hired as Research Assistants (RA) to Teaching Assistants/Graders (TA). RA and TA work varies greatly depending on the faculty member and research project and/or class. Projects may be short term or long term and some projects may require special skills, while others may be suitable for those without prior research or teaching experience.

Please keep in mind that faculty seek RA & TA/Grader support with varying volume and frequency throughout the year. By submitting a Kellogg RA & TA Application form, you are added to an active directory of students interested and available to serve as Kellogg Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants, and Graders when the need arises. Our team will reach out to you if a project or class for which you are a suitable candidate becomes available.

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