Global Impact

Lead Confidently in a Global Marketplace

Today's leaders must navigate business issues and interactions that cut across geographical boundaries and cultures. They must inspire conversations, ignite collaboration and integrate multiple perspectives to drive growth and innovation. At Kellogg, our rigorous curriculum, diverse faculty and unprecedented global learning experiences will give you the edge you need to impact a complex marketplace.

What makes an MBA experience truly global?

Global Education: How Kellogg sets the standard
In the first of two part series, we look at how Kellogg brings global into the classroom and beyond

The Kellogg Difference

As a Kellogg MBA student, you'll have premier access to our vast array of global experiential learning opportunities. Our integrated global footprint prepares you to lead an international organization by broadening your business perspective.

  • Connect to the largest integrated global network with 37 exchange programs across 20 countries and seven Executive MBA campuses

  • Find the broadest array of global opportunities inside and outside the classroom, from our pioneering Global Initiatives in Management course to the many extra-curricular offerings

  • Partner with international companies to impact and drive business in our Global Lab and International Field Research courses

Our Global Experience Opportunities

Through our breadth of offerings, you can customize your international experience based on your goals and participate in multiple global experiences throughout your time at Kellogg. You’ll be completely immersed in opportunities that inspire growth in business.
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Executive MBA Network

The Kellogg Global Executive MBA Network is the largest and most prestigious EMBA Network.  With seven campuses - Chicago, Miami, Tel Aviv, Germany, Toronto, Beijing and Hong Kong – these partnerships provide a truly global experience with deep local knowledge.

An image of  a European building symbolizing of Kellogg's global reach.

Exchange Program/Study Abroad

Kellogg's Exchange Program offers study abroad opportunities at 37 partner schools spanning 20 countries. Each exchange is a five- to 10-week full-immersion experience. Live and study overseas, taking opportunities for independent study, travel and job search.

Al Jazeera building

Global Initiatives in Management

In these survey courses, students are introduced to a specific geographic region or international industry/market. Students plan and lead the trips while working on an independent research topic. Previous destinations include Brazil, China, India, UAE and Vietnam.

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Global Experiential Learning

Solve real business challenges in these project-based classes. Students travel and work with management teams of international companies. Past projects include strategy for a South Korean manufacturer and growth analysis for a digital media firm in Asia.

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International Field Research

Through experiential courses, such Medical Devices in Developing Markets, students participate in deep-dive explorations into local markets where teams design and develop new products, services and business models. Students have conducted research in India and Africa.

What Students Gain

  • Understanding of international markets and their inter-connections to the global economy
  • Devise competitive strategies for international business and organizations
  • Design, market and distribute products in global markets
  • Negotiate and collaborate in different cultural settings
  • Manage diverse multicultural teams across geographical boundaries and time zones