Research & Publications

My research studies manufacturing, service and supply chain operations, both from a strategic and a tactical perspective:

  1. Operations strategy involves structuring resources and processes such that their resulting capabilities maximize value. Among others, this includes deciding on capacity investment; network design, appropriate type and amount of flexibility, risk mitigation and operational hedging; incentives, pricing, contracting, and coordination in supply chains.
  2. Operations management involves managing execution (dynamic control) and performance evaluation of processing networks.


  1. Managing Business Process Flows: Principles of Operations Management. With Ravi Anupindi, Sunil Chopra, Sudhakar Deshmukh, and Eitan Zemel. Pearson Education: Prentice Hall. 3rd edition, 2012.
  2. Operations Strategy: Principles and Practice. Dynamic Ideas. 2008. 2nd edition, 2015, with Gad Allon.

Series Editor and Online Media

  1. Henry Stuart Talks: Global Business / Series: Operations Strategy. Editor: J. A. Van Mieghem. December 2012. My own opening lecture of the series: Operations Strategy: Concept & Framework.

Invited Publications

  1. Risk Management and Operational Hedging: An Overview Handbook of Integrated Risk Management in Global Supply Chains, edited by Panos Kouvelis, Lingxiu Dong, Onur Boyabatli, and Rong Li. Operations Research and Management Science series by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 13-49, 2012.
  2. Operations Management and Strategy The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management, 2013, edited by David Teece and Mie Augier.
  3. 3Rs of OM: Research, Relevance, and Rewards MSOM Fellow Inaugural Lecture. To appear in Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 15(1)2-5, 2013. Editable figures with Research Relevance Matrix.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

  1. Straight Line Extraction using Iterative Total Least Squares Methods. With Hadar Avi-Itzhak and Roger Melen J. of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 6(1) 59-68, 1995.  An abridged conference version appeared earlier, titled Estimation of Linear Stroke Parameters using Iterative Total Least Squares Methods. With Hadar Avi-Itzhak and Roger Melen SPIE Proceedings, 1661, 92-97, Feb. 1992.
  2. Subclass Pattern Recognition: A Maximin Correlation Approach. With Hadar Avi-Itzhak and Leo Rub. IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI). 17(4) 418-431, 1995.
  3. Brownian Models of Closed Queueing Networks: Explicit Solutions for Balanced Three-Station Systems. With Elizabeth Schwerer The Annals of Applied Probability , 4(2) 448-477, 1994.
  4. Dynamic Scheduling with Convex Delay Costs: The Generalized cμ Rule. The Annals of Applied Probability, 5(3) 808-833, 1995.
  5. Multi-factor Dynamic Investment Under Uncertainty. With Janice C. Eberly. Journal of Economic Theory, 75(8) 345-387, 1997.
  6. Dynamic Control of Brownian Networks: State Space Collapse and Equivalent Workload Formulations . With J. Michael Harrison. The Annals of Applied Probability. 7(3) 747-771, 1997.
  7. Investment Strategies for Flexible Resources. Management Science, 44(8) 1071-1078, 1998. Comprehensive technical report version of Nov. 10, 1997.
  8. Multi-Resource Investment Strategies: Operational Hedging under Demand Uncertainty. With J. Michael Harrison. European Journal of Operational Research 113(1)17-29, February 16, 1999. [I wrote a teaching case accompanying this article: Seagate Technologies: Operational Hedging] This article received the Citation of Excellence from ANBAR Electronic Intelligence.
  9. Coordinating Investment, Production and Subcontracting. Management Science, 45(7) 954-971, July 1999. Comprehensive technical report version with Appendix and proofs of Nov. 10, 1998.
  10. Price versus Production Postponement: Capacity and Competition. With Maqbool Dada.  Management Science, 45(12) 1631-1649, December 1999. Appendix and proofs of Aug. 27, 1998.
  11. Which e-business is right for your supply chain?  (Manuscript Version April 26, 2000) With Sunil Chopra.  Supply Chain Management Review., 4 (3) 32-40, July/August 2000.
  12. Price and Service Discrimination in Queueing Systems: Incentive-Compatibility of Gcμ Scheduling. Management Science, 46(9)1249-1267, Sept. 2000.
  13. Price-coupled Scheduling for Differentiated Services: Gcm vs. GPS. With Piet Van Mieghem. Int'l Journal of Communication Systems, 15(5)429-452, June 2002. PDF of accepted paper (0.4MB)
  14. Newsvendor Networks: Inventory Management and Capacity Investment with Discretionary Activities. With Nils Rudi. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 4(4)313-335, Fall 2002. Long version of technical report.
  15. Due Date Scheduling: Asymptotic Optimality of Generalized Longest Queue and Generalized Largest Delay Rules. Operations Research, 51(1)113-122, Jan/Feb 2003.
  16. Capacity Management, Investment and Hedging: Review and Recent Developments. Invited paper by Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 5(4)269-302, Fall 2003.
  17. Note: Commonality Strategies: Value Drivers and Equivalence with Flexible Capacity and Inventory Substitution. Management Science, 50(3)419-424, March 2004.
  18. Strategically Seeking Service: How Competition Can Generate Poisson Arrivals. With Marty Lariviere. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 6(1)23-40, Winter 2004. This paper was awarded the 1st MSOM Best Paper Award in 2007. (Each year the journal selects one paper, published in one of the prior three volumes of M&SOM, as most deserving for its contribution to the theory and practice of operations management. )
  19. Queueing Systems with Leadtime Constraints: A Fluid-Model Approach for Admission and Sequencing Control.  With Costis Maglaras. European Journal of Operational Research, 167(2005)179-207.
  20. Seagate-Quantum: Encroachment Strategies. With Glenn Schmidt. Informs Transactions on Education, 5(2), January 2005.
  21. Risk Mitigation in Newsvendor Networks: Resource Diversification, Flexibility, Sharing, and Hedging. (former title: Risk-aversion in Newsvendor Networks.) Management Science, 53(8)1269-1288, August 2007. On-line E-companion.
  22. Voting with your Pocket Book: A stochastic model of consumer boycotts. With Daniel Diermeier. Mathematical and Computer Modeling 48(2008)1497-1509.
  23. Coordination and Turnout in Large Elections.  With Daniel Diermeier. Mathematical and Computer Modeling 48(2008)1478-1496.
  24. Multi-Market Facility Network Design with Offshoring Applications. (On-line Appendix) With Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 11(1)90-108, Winter 2009. This paper won the second place in the 2007 Student Paper Competition sponsored by the College of Supply Chain Management of the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS).
  25. The Value of Partial Resource Pooling: Should a service network be integrated or Product-focused? (On-line Appendix) With Baris Ata. Management Science, 55(1)115-131, January 2009.
  26. Incentives for Quality through Endogenous Routing. (On-line Appendix) With Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu and R. Canan Savaskan. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 11(2)254-273, Spring 2009
  27. Global Dual Sourcing: Tailored Base Surge Allocation to Near and Offshore Production With Gad Allon. Management Science, 56(1)110-124, January 2010. This paper is also featured in Kellogg Insight: Global Dual Sourcing Strategies: Should you source your carbon fiber bicycle from Mexico or China?
  28. Operational Flexibility and Financial Hedging: Complements or Substitutes? With Jiri Chod and Nils Rudi. Management Science,56(6)1030-1045, June 2010.
  29. The Mexico-China Sourcing Game: Teaching Global Dual Sourcing With Gad Allon. INFORMS Transactions on Education 10(3)105-112, May 2010. Available online at
  30. Optimal Flexibility Configurations in Newsvendor Networks: Going beyond Chaining and Pairing With Achal Bassamboo and Ramandeep S. Randhawa. Management Science, 56(8)1285-1303, August 2010.
  31. Mix, Time, and Volume Flexibility: Valuation and Corporate Diversification. (Formerly: Valuing Flexibility as a Wait-and-Switch Option) With Jiri Chod and Nils Rudi. Appendix Review of Business and Economic Literature, 57(3)262-282, 2012.
  32. A Little Flexibility is All You Need: On the Asymptotic Value of Flexible Capacity in Parallel Queuing Systems With Achal Bassamboo and Ramandeep S. Randhawa. Operations Research, 60(6)1423-1435, 2012.
  33. The Promise of Strategic Customer Behavior: On the Value of Click Tracking (Formerly: Are you Willing to Click? On the Value of Advance Information when selling to Strategic Customers) With Tingliang Huang. Producation and Operations Management, 22(3)489–502, 2013.
  34. Clickstream Data and Inventory Management: Model and Empirical Analysis With Tingliang Huang. Producation and Operations Management, 23(3)333-347, 2014. doi: 10.1111/poms.12046 This paper is also featured in Kellogg Insight: From Web Visits to Firm Orders: Analyzing web visitor click data to streamline sales efforts. This paper received the 2014 Wickham Skinner Award for Best Paper Published in POM.
  35. Collaboration and Multitasking in Networks: Architectures, Bottlenecks and Capacity. With Itai Gurvich. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 17(1)16-33, Winter 2015. Technical Companion.
  36. Global Dual Sourcing and Order Smoothing: The Impact of Capacity and Leadtimes. With Robert Boute. Management Science, 61(9)2080-2099, 2015. Technical Companion. Summary article (also Dutch version) in Value Chain Management, March 2015.
  37. Information Sharing in Supply Chains: An Empirical and Theoretical Valuation. With Gad Allon, Achal Bassamboo and Ruomeng Cui. Management Science. Forthcoming. Technical Companion.
  38. Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program: A Financial and Operational Analysis. With Dennis J. Zhang, Itai Gurvich, Eric Park and Robert S. Young, MD and Mark V. Williams, MD. Management Science. Forthcoming May 30, 2015. This paper received the 1st place in the 2014 POMS College of Healthcare Operations Management Best Paper Award.

[According to INFORMS publication rules: "Upon request, authors may receive a PDF file of the final published version of their paper after publication for posting on their personal websites."]

Papers under Review

  1. Collaboration and Multitasking in Networks: Aligning Task Priorities and Collaboration Levels. With  Itai Gurvich. March 30, 2015; Revised Sep 19, 2015. Technical Companion.
  2. Productivity Losses due to Coordination: An Empirical Study of Generalists in a Hospital. With Lu Wang, Itai Gurvich and Kevin J. O'Leary. March 31, 2016.
  3. Does Social Interaction Improve Service Quality? Field Evidence from Massive Open Online Education. With Dennis J. Zhang and Gad Allon. Sep 21, 2015; May 18, 2016
  4. Digital and Physical Team Interaction: How Team Size and Stability Determine Individual Productivity. With Itai Gurvich, Lu Wang and Nicholas Soulakis. May 19, 2016. Paper available upon request.


Selected Work in Progress

  1. Empirical Study of Dual Sourcing over the Product Life Cycle. With Kejia Hu, Doug Thomas and Jason Acimovic.
  2. Platform Strategies in New Product Design. With Maud Van den Broeke and Robert Boute.
  3. How Behavior in Collaborative Processing Impacts Productivity. With Ruthy Beer and Itai Gurvich.
  4. The Constant Days-Of-Inventory Policy: Analysis and Benefits. With R. Cui, G. Allon and A. Bassamboo.



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