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Kellogg announces 2018 Youn Impact Scholars

The addition of 10 new Scholars brings the network to 50 alumni changemakers

26 Mar 2018

Inciting Social Change Through Bold Strategy and Partnership

Professor Kara Palamountain '04 and her NEST teammates reached the final round of the MacArthur Foundation's 100&amp;Change grant competition.

MacArthur Foundation, 20 Dec 2017

IPA Congratulates Dean Karlan on His Move to Northwestern

Dean Karlan will join his frequent collaborator and fellow IPA-affiliated researcher Chris Udry, who will also be moving there, as well as IPA affiliates Lori Beaman & Seema Jayachandran.

Innovations for Poverty Action, 03 Nov 2017

How the Potato Ushered in an Era of Peace

Kellogg Insight, 02 May 2018

The Case for Investing in Green Companies

Kellogg Insight, 02 May 2018

Entrepreneurs Shouldn't Discuss Political Issues, Right? Not So Fast, Experts Say

Article asks how you approach articulating your company's stance on big issues in the wake of instances of tragedy and political controversy, quoting Professor Megan Kashner on how business leaders are actually in a position to open the lines of communication around an issue rather than fan the flames further.

Entrepreneur, 22 Mar 2018

Dick’s decision to ban assault-style weapons raises this ‘critical’ question

Article by Professor Megan Kashner discusses Dick’s Sporting Goods and its recent announcement that it will no longer sell assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. Also quoted in Financial Times on this topic., 01 Mar 2018

The Power of Religion

Article cites Professor Dean Karlan’s research on whether religious faith leads to healthy behaviors. Karlan said the findings were cautiously positive for the power of religion. Karlan’s research was also covered in The Economist.

New York Times, 28 Feb 2018

B-School Bulletin

Article highlights insights from Professor Sarit Markovich on the issues that surround cryptocurrencies. Article also highlights as the NEST project, which Professor Kara Palamountain is a member of, and how the project recently won $15 million to help even preventable newborn deaths in Africa.

Poets & Quants, 10 Feb 2018

RELEASE: New Report Shows That Actually, Money Does Grow on Trees

New research finds businesses are making money from planting trees and growing sales as rapidly as 10 times per year.

World Resources Institute, 18 Jan 2018

    Social Impact Highlights

    Kellogg’s approach to social impact learning — at all levels — is a collaborative one in which we reinforce the relationship between private and public sectors to improve the lives of people around the world. Explore recent milestones in the Social Impact space at Kellogg.

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