Creating lasting social value

Kellogg School of Management has a long history of educating leaders who can leverage the power of markets to create lasting social value. Our graduates have gone on to significant positions in Fortune 500 companies; have started their own enterprises in a variety of fields; have pursued management opportunities in government, socially responsible corporations and nonprofit organizations.

These alumni may choose positions with global businesses, government, consulting firms, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. In addition, our alumni are active in their civic communities as elected officials, board members, volunteers and donors. Together, these activities strengthen Kellogg’s reputation as an institution committed to the education of socially conscious global leaders.

Kellogg alumni pride themselves on being accessible, supportive and helpful to students and other alumni as they seek to create social impact. Read stories of some of Kellogg’s alumni who are making change in this space.
Amit Bouri | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Amit Bouri ‘07

Chief Executive Officer, Global Impact Investing Network

“To me, impact investing is about transforming the way we think about money, but also transforming the way we think about solutions to problems.”
Roslyn Brock | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Roslyn M. Brock ‘99

Vice President, Bon Secours Health System; Chairman Emeritus, NAACP

“We must develop and implement strategies that remove political, social and economic barriers that cause us to be divided from one another.”
Emile Cambry Jr. | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Emile Cambry Jr. ‘08

Founder & CEO, BLUE 1647

“For the folks [who] do want to actually make their lives better, they have a place in which to do it.”
David Chen | Social Impact | Kellogg School

David Chen ‘84

Co-founder and Principal, Equilibrium Capital Group

“Given the challenges that we have in our world — driven by population growth, climate change and the global consumption of natural resources — we would argue that these are huge, new risk categories and significant opportunities for value creation and value preservation.”
David Chen | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Jeff Davidoff ‘89

President, Walton Isaacson

“It is a false choice to think that you either have to have a successful capitalistic career or do good. One of the great myths of our business time is this notion that the sole goal of the company is to provide the greatest value to its shareholders.”
Jeff Turi

Leah Bradford Francis ‘06


“I decided to get an MBA because I wanted to make sure I could make the most compelling business case for actually doing some good, whether to a CEO or a policymaker.”
David Chen | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Jason Hecker ‘03

Consultant, Consumer Practice, Chief Marketing Officer Practice, Egon Zehnder

“I’ve had the benefit of seeing how the links between business success and positive social impact can be inextricably linked in scaling an industry.”
Julian Posada

Julian Posada ‘97

Chief Operating and Enterprise Officer, The Resurrection Project

“Explaining complex business strategies in finance operations or marketing requires sensitivity and a high level of rigor to move the enterprise.”
Debra Schwartz | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Debra Schwartz ‘88

Managing Director, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

“We're essentially the shock absorber in the middle, the missing piece that we call the ‘but for’ money — meaning, but for our piece, they couldn't bring in the rest of the money. That's the power of our particular brand of impact investing.”
Amit Bouri | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Marc Sznajderman ‘93

Managing Partner, RM Capital Management LLC

“My MBA has allowed me to utilize skills related to finance, strategic planning and even mergers & acquisitions in a setting focused on social impact.”
David Tatge

David Tatge ‘94

Managing Director, DISC Holdings

“At Kellogg, I thought my fellow students were extremely bright, thoughtful and experienced. But that was nothing compared to the experience, knowledge and wisdom they carry around with them today.”
Luca Torre | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Luca Torre ‘06

Co-Founder and Co-CEO, GAWA Capital

“My personal motivation has always been to try to leverage my business experience to do something that went beyond just making money. It may sound naïve, but that is what has driven most of my career.”
Jeff Turi

Jeff Turi ‘92

CEO, Delaware Founders Initiative

“What has helped me is a broad base in finance, marketing and a broad interest in entrepreneurism, and that started at Kellogg.”

Victoria Zimmerman ‘13

Global Supply Chain and Sustainability Manager, McDonald’s Corporation

“I became interested in social impact during my time in sports, which has a focus on giving back to the community, being a role model and positive change agent.”