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The rise of the ‘sustainable’ MBA

Article quotes Professor Megan Kashner on the “sustainable” MBA and the growing demand for social impact curriculums within MBA programs.

Financial Times, 21 Jan 2020

Which Charity Will Do the Most Good with Your Donation? This Simple Tool Can Tell You.

Kellogg Insight, 02 Dec 2019

Business Have Been Practicing Social Responsibility For Decades, But Is That Really A Good Thing?

Article quotes Professor Megan Kashner, who says that companies are moving away from greenwashing CSR, to authentic CSR.

Newsweek, 27 Nov 2019

It's Time More Nonprofits Consider M&A

Article cites research conducted by Professor Donald Haider on the positive impact of mergers on nonprofit organizations.

Forbes, 28 Oct 2019

Social purpose: how business schools around the world measure up

Article highlights some of the best practices of business schools in the area of social impact through research, teaching, student projects, and operations. Kellogg is praised for its social impact curriculum and LEED-certified Global Hub.

Financial Times , 20 Oct 2019

How to Create a Diverse Board of Directors and Empower It to Thrive

Kellogg Insight, 03 Sep 2019

Daughters’ Math Scores Suffer When They Grow Up in a Family That’s Biased Towards Sons

Kellogg Insight, 03 Sep 2019

MVPP: Professor Megan Kashner, Director of Social Impact at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management

Professor Megan Kashner was featured on the MVPP podcast discussing the increased interest and passion for social impact causes.

WGN, 19 Aug 2019

Sustainable Business in an Unsustainable World: Three Companies that Show the Impact of Corporate Shared Value

The Purpose Path by Professor Nicholas Pearce is named to a list of books recommended for employees looking to reignite their passion for work.

Nextbillion, 09 Aug 2019

AI and the Social Sciences Used to Talk More. Now They’ve Drifted Apart.

Kellogg Insight, 01 Jul 2019

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