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The Future Of Donor Behavior: Linking Giving To Daily Life

Article by Professor Dean Karlan explains how fundraisers can use Giving Tuesday as an on-ramp to more regular giving, rather than a one-off donation, by leveraging the bundling and heterogeneity concepts in behavioral economics.

The Nonprofit Times, 23 Dec 2020

A Clever Strategy to Distribute Covid Aid – With Satellite Data

Article features an initiative led by Professor Dean Karlan and his involvement with Kellogg’s Global Poverty Research Lab.

Wired, 17 Dec 2020

Developer Aims to Raise $1 Billion for Investing in Minority Communities

Articles quotes Adjunct Professor William Towns who states how developing projects in minority communities can lead to successful returns.

The Wall Street Journal, 01 Dec 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Ask a Charity How It Spends Your Donation

Article by Professor Dean Karlan shares two core pieces of advice for donors to charity: do not ask charities what your money did, and instead ask the charity what they accomplished, and what impact they created.

The Wall Street Journal, 25 Nov 2020

Why You Shouldn’t Ask a Charity How it Spends Your Donation

Article by Professor Dean Karlan recommends that donors focus on the impact of a nonprofit as a whole, rather than how each dollar was spent.

The Wall Street Jourmal, 25 Nov 2020

With Yellin in line to lead Treasury, he re are other economics posts Biden transition team could name next week

Articles mentions KPPI Executive Director and Visiting Professor Benjamin Harris as a potential participant on President Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers.

CNBC, 25 Nov 2020

Local chefs have been cooking for those in need since the pandemic began. Now with the holidays approaching, donations are down.

Article features Professor Dean Karlan who says that this year, many people have competing priorities that impact their usual donations.

Chicago Tribune, 23 Nov 2020

The Moskowitz Prize Moves to Kellogg

Kellogg is now the host of Moskowitz Prize, the premier global prize for research in sustainable finance. Among this year’s Moskowitz Prize judges are Kellogg professors Mitchell Petersen, David Chen and Ravi Jagannathan, along with Dean Francesca Cornelli and Lloyd Kurtz, founder of the Moskowitz Prize and visiting scholar at Kellogg. Also mentioned in Impact Alpha.

Northwestern Now, 19 Nov 2020

Separate and Unequal Won’t Suffice to Channel Investment to Address Racial Inequality

Article by Professor Megan Kashner discusses how an over-reliance on Community Development Financial Institutions could represent a dangerous segregation of investment as companies seek to right past wrongs and address current inequities.

Global Briefing Report, 18 Nov 2020

3 ways financial institutions can better support Black-owned businesses

Article reprinted from Kellogg Insight features Adjunct Lecturer William Towns who discusses three specific ways the financial industry can better serve diverse communities.

Business Insider, 11 Aug 2020

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