Kellogg Magazine Spring/Summer 2020

Letter from the dean

Francesca Cornelli addresses COVID-19

Launching, growing, acquiring, succeeding

Since 2012, Kellogg has revamped the structure of its entrepreneurship programming for MBA students, enabling them to explore all aspects of starting and growing a business before they even leave campus

What will it take to alleviate global poverty?

We asked Kellogg experts what they wish NGOs and policymakers knew about poverty reduction. Their answers touched on everything from climate change to local bankruptcy laws.


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Why PE Companies Shouldn’t Necessarily Fear Higher Employee Turnover

In private equity, team stability has long been prized. But new research shows that higher turnover leads to better performance.

Why Your Next Brainstorm Should Begin with an Embarrassing Story

This counterintuitive exercise can spark creativity

Early Career Failures Can Make You Stronger in the Long Run

A study of young scientists who were denied grants provides a striking example of why you should never give up

How Much Does Innovation Drive Economic Growth?

A study of millions of patents lifts the veil on how new ideas influence productivity


Brave thinkers

Edith Cooper '86
Stan Day '84
Bill Osborn '73

Passion Project:
Beth Santos '16

Beth Santos ’16 uses Wanderful to empower female and nonbinary travelers

Passion Project:
Altenburg '11 & Jones '03

Rana Altenburg ’03 and Paul J. Jones ’11 join forces to revitalize Milwaukee’s Near West Side


Master Class

Launching and Leading Startups with Carter Cast ’92

Kip Kirkpatrick '97

Impact investing with Kip Kirkpatrick ’97

John Stoops '05

Improv with John Stoops ’05

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