Kellogg Magazine Spring/Summer 2019

Firm Footing Required

Tomorrow's healthcare leaders face a rapidly changing industry. Kellogg provides students with the foundation they need to thrive.

You don't need a Kellogg MBA to know that healthcare is a uniquely complex space.

There is an interconnected web of public and private insurers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers, all operating within layers of government regulation.

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Checking in with Francesca Cornelli

The incoming dean looks back on the career evolution that brought her to Kellogg

A Taste of the Startup Scene

The San Francisco Immersion Program offers students a crash course in tech entrepreneurship

Kellogg Insight

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What's the best way to learn a new skill — by doing or by Viewing?

An analysis of eBay coders shows that studying a colleague's work can pay off. Just be careful whose shoulder you're looking over.

Bias in Organizations May Not Just Come from the Top

Leaders can face bias from their staff, too. A new study shows that male teachers are more likely to leave schools that are led by women.

Healthier Patients, Lower Costs

Through their research, Kellogg faculty are answering critical questions about public policy, drug development, and how to make healthy decisions.

5 Ways to Get the Most out of a Mentor-Protege Relationship

Proteges, it's not just about landing your next job — and mentors, there's plenty in it for you, too.


Brave thinkers

How Charles and Lynn Zhang use their Kellogg MBAs for good

Passion Project

How one alumnus combined work and play — and built a premium brand

Out of Office

Kristie Paskvan launches a movement to end domestic violence and sexual assault

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Alumni Award Winners

Learn how three alumni are driving change at Kellogg and beyond

Kellogg on Branding

Professors Alice Tybout and Tim Calkins discuss the latest book in the Kellogg On series

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