Kellogg Magazine


Spring/Summer 2019

Firm Footing Required

Tomorrow's healthcare leaders face a rapidly changing industry. Kellogg provides students with the foundation they need to thrive.

Fall/Winter 2018

Titans of Marketing

Millions of people around the world have been influenced by the Kellogg Marketing Department — they just don't know it.

Spring/Summer 2018

The Team that Transformed Kellogg

Reflections as Sally Blount ’92 prepares to step down

Spring/Summer 2015

Leading the way

Serial entrepreneur Larry Levy ’67 grew an empire by spotting opportunities and taking risks

Fall/Winter 2014

Building to scale

Business leaders talk about growing their companies while being good managers

Spring/Summer 2017

Leading bravely into a new era

The 7-Year Plan culminates with the opening of the Global Hub

Fall/Winter 2015

The road to 2020

Five years into its transformation, Kellogg has proved once again that it is a pioneer among business schools

Spring/Summer 2016

A great return on investment

A look at Kellogg's top-tier finance department and the industry leaders it produces

Spring/Summer 2014

Nation Building

Cesar Purisima ’83 helps the Philippines reconstruct its economy following a super typhoon and decades of corruption