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A New Era
The Team that Transformed Kellogg
Reflections as Sally Blount ’92 prepares to step down


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A Better Way to Understand How Consumers Feel About Your Brand
A new algorithm tracks people's perceptions in real time via Twitter

The Surprisingly Short Journey From Ivory Tower to Patent Office
Scientific research leads to marketplace innovations more frequently and quickly than expected

What Good When Potatoes
Brought Peace

In the 16th century, the potato arrived in Europe. The consequences went far beyond diet.

What a Difference a Year (with a Consultant) Makes
A carefully controlled study in Mexico finds that consultants can help small- to medium-sized businesses expand.

When to Own a Decision and
When to Delegate

Here are four questions to consider to become a more efficient decision-maker.


Stay Ahead of the Curve with Kellogg

Learn how Kellogg professor Kara Palamountain '04 is thinking big to improve infant mortality.


brave thinkers Brave Thinkers
Read about how Selim Bassoul makes time to help where it's needed.


Out of the Office Out of Office
Riding his bike coast-to-coast, an alumnus met challenges and old friends


Connections Connections
Harness the power of your Kellogg Alumni Netowork


Team that Transformed Kellogg

The Team
that Transformed Kellogg

Reflections as Sally Blount ’92 prepares to step down.


brave thinkers From Vision to Reality
See how the Global Hub has exceeded expectations since it opened one year ago.


Dean of Deans Dean of Deans
Take a look back at Dean Emeritus Don Jacobs' impact on Kellogg.

Innovation in the Age of Disruption
Meet alumni like Lee Pilsbury who are shaking up their industries.

Investigating Poverty
The field of development economics tackles an age-old problem.

The Startup Singer/Songwriter
One alumnus explains how a Kellogg education drives his musical career.

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