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What makes Kellogg special? Is it the breadth of the Kellogg alumni network that  embodies the “pay-it-forward" mentality? Is it how our faculty teaches how to tap into creativity to unlock innovative business solutions? Or is it how our students learn to embrace empathy, humility and adaptability to better lead teams? The answer is all the above and more.  

At Kellogg, we are different. In a world where everyone is trying to blend in, we stand out.  

Meet some of our students from across our full-time MBA programs who reflect on why Kellogg was the right match for them and how their experiences have transformed their lives, preparing them for a lifetime of success.  

One-Year MBA Program 

April Chung ’23, One-Year MBA

“Kellogg is a leader in pioneering MBA programs that are hyper-relevant to prospective students. With long-term aspirations to be an enterprise finance leader, I was looking for a program that would accelerate my career trajectory. A principal reason why I decided to attend Kellogg was the one-year program, also known as ‘1Y,’ which has a prerequisite of required courses. It provided me with my desired fast pace and the rigor of a top business school, but without sacrificing traditional two-year MBA benefits such as internships through the experiential learning courses. The immediate access to electives through the 1Y program allows me to build on my professional background in business and customize my experience to develop new skills to propel my career forward in a way that no other programs could.” — April Chung ’23 One-Year MBA 

The One-Year MBA program provides the fastest path to a Kellogg MBA by building upon students’ business fundamentals and prior work experience. Start in June then merge with the second-year Two-Year MBA students in August. Graduate the following June — one year after beginning the program. 

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Two-Year MBA Program

Max Schwein ’24, Two-Year MBA

“For me, a huge differentiator that set Kellogg apart was the focus on experiential learning. I have an undergrad business degree, so I was really looking for lots of opportunities to learn beyond the classroom in my MBA program. Kellogg has an unparalleled variety of opportunities to be paired with companies and nonprofits to tackle real business problems through courses such as the Growth Strategy Practicum and the PE/VC Labs to name a few. By gaining more hands-on experience, I’ll now be able to greatly accelerate my learning curve for my post-MBA role.” — Max Schwein ’24 Two-Year MBA 

The Two-Year Full-Time MBA Program gives students the confidence to lead boldly and challenge conventional thinking in the global marketplace. Students begin classes in September, building core management skills and then diving into specialized electives that reflect their areas of interest. They learn to lead through a hands-on environment with room to explore new ideas — both inside and outside the classroom. 

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MBAi Program

Apurva Gorti ’24 MBAi

“I am excited to be a part of the second cohort of the MBAi program, a new joint-degree program between Kellogg and the McCormick School of Engineering. MBAi is designed to give students a rigorous business education, integrated with a strong foundation in data and artificial intelligence. As an engineer interested in learning more about leading businesses and driving change in the tech industry, I felt like this program was perfectly curated just for me.” — Apurva Gorti ’24 MBAi 

MBAi is ideal for students with experience in technology or those with a STEM undergraduate degree. The five-quarter –long program prepares graduates for careers across industries in tech operations, analytics and innovation leadership roles. 

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MMM Program

Vanessa Debra ’24 MMM

“I chose Kellogg largely for its MMM program, in which students earn their MBA and a Master of Science in Design Innovation in two years. The program felt perfect for someone with my innovation interests and desire to put people at the center when crafting strategies. Additionally, I was drawn to the strong sense of community at Kellogg. Not only did I have the opportunity to interact with many Kellogg students through the application process, but I was also blown away by how many students and alumni reached out once I was accepted and how much I connected with them.” — Vanessa Debra ’24 MMM 

In the MMM Program, students utilize a human-centered approach and hands-on design thinking methods to address real-world challenges. Graduates earn two degrees, an MBA from Kellogg and an MS from the Segal Design Institute at the McCormick School of Engineering.  

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JD-MBA Program 

Joel Francia ’25 JD, MBA

“Having worked for a few years in public accounting and in private equity, I knew I wanted to combine business and law and be at the intersection of both fields. Northwestern's JD-MBA program is a perfect marriage of two great schools: Kellogg and the Pritzker School of Law. The program is unique in that students work towards both degrees in three years. It’s going to be a lot of work, but having access to the networks at Kellogg and Pritzker is an amazing opportunity.”  —Joel Francia ’25 JD, MBA 

Students earn both an MBA from Kellogg and a JD from Pritzker Law. This program is ideal for students interested in becoming business leaders with legal expertise, or law professionals with a foundation in management. 

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