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Rohan Bhatt ’22

Rohan Bhatt shares how he utilized his passion for design thinking and creative solutions to make a seemingly impossible career pivot into the tech industry.

Ever since he was a young kid, Rohan Bhatt had a passion for making things. At his core, he loves understanding how things work and why. Whether he was making music or sketching designs, he always felt at home in the art room. “Those were the times when I felt very fulfilled.”

Despite not knowing what he wanted to study at college, Rohan gravitated toward any area that addressed human behavior and decision-making. The winning major? Political economy. After spending four years honing his skills in interrelationships and decision-making, he transitioned into strategy consulting. Working at a small firm in Washington, D.C., Rohan found value in helping his clients reach their goals and problem solve.

Living in the consulting world, Rohan admits many of his colleagues had an MBA. Early in his career, he started thinking about the value it would add to his career. After five years of consulting, Rohan felt it was time to prioritize continued learning and get outside of his comfort zone. For him, the best path to do this was through the MMM Program at Kellogg.

Becoming a Midwesterner and making Kellogg home

Uprooting his life and moving to Evanston, wasn’t a light decision as he wasn’t coming alone. Making the move with him was his girlfriend, Maïca, and their dog, Lilo. Eager to find a vibrant city and community similar to their home in D.C., Chicago quickly became the winner.

After discovering the MMM Program, a joint MBA from Kellogg and an MS in design innovation from the Segal Design Institute, Rohan felt this was the perfect fit for him professionally. As he talked to more students and alumni, he learned about Kellogg’s commitment to welcoming Joint Ventures (JVs) or significant others, into the Kellogg community. "There's always this natural expectation that partners are invited to every event and club meeting. It was important for my JV that she could make her own network of friends and community here," shared Rohan. This truly made him believe Kellogg was the perfect place for him and Maïca to spend the next two years of their lives.

"Kellogg has this incredible and inclusive culture that really treats partners as part of the community."

Coming into Kellogg, Rohan knew he wanted to transition out of consulting and into product management. He admits that early on it seemed liked too big of a career pivot. However, throughout his time here, Rohan has leveraged every opportunity to make the seemingly impossible possible. Taking classes in marketing strategy and managerial leadership, Rohan slowly started to gain essential skills needed for a new career. Taking on leadership positions in the MMM Program student government and Kellogg’s Innovation and Design Association (IDEA) club, Rohan gained real-life experience with design thinking.

"During my time at Kellogg, I feel like I've finally been able to lay out a vision and a clear set of goals about what I care about, what I want to achieve, and the values essential to that."

These experiences set him up to secure his dream summer internship at Adobe, where he later received a full-time offer as a product marketing manager. After Kellogg, Rohan and Maïca will move back east to Boston, where Rohan will work at Adobe’s Boston office. Not forgetting his passions learned at an early age, Rohan looks forward to sharing design thinking methodologies with business leaders and teaching people that creativity is a valuable asset in the business world.

About Rohan
Wellesley, MA
Political economy, Williams College
Pre-Kellogg Job
Technology, financial services and payments practices, Kaiser Associates
Fun fact
My two-favorite study/work breaks are 1) taking my pup for a walk while listening to a sci-fi/fantasy book on Audible, and 2) shooting and editing photos in Lightroom.

Ask Me Anything: Kellogg MMM Program

Rohan participated in Kellogg's Ask Me Anything video series, where he answered some common questions about the MMM Program. Watch here to learn more about why Rohan chose Kellogg, the application process, recruiting in technology, and more:
During my time at Kellogg, I feel like I've finally been able to lay out a vision and a clear set of goals about what I care about, what I want to achieve, and the values essential to that.
Rohan Bhatt
MMM Program

What has been your most memorable Kellogg experience?

There have been so many vibrant and exciting experiences here at Kellogg, but those that have really stuck with me are the smaller, quieter moments of connection. From hanging on the beach with new friends during MMM summer, to feeling energized after a coffee chat with another student, to walking into the Global Hub humming with activity after a year of remote learning during Covid, those are the moments I’m most grateful for.

What excites you most about the future?

More people all over the world are leveraging technology to share their passions, talents and stories with others. This ability to express, create and build communities drives empathy, understanding and care for one another. I’m excited to be a part of a world where sharing and learning from others can drive positive change.

Share something you’ve learned that you see being valuable throughout your career.

In my favorite managerial leadership class here at Kellogg, Professor Harry Kraemer highlighted a quote, “I seek to understand before I am understood.” This quote is about seeking input from multiple perspectives, asking good questions, leading by listening, and the idea that we have something to learn from everyone. I remind myself of that quote often and it fundamentally changes how I relate to and lead others.