John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems, Inc.

John Chambers

"A storied career"

6/2/15 - When John Chambers joined Cisco Systems in 1991, the company was worth about $70 million. As he prepares to step down as Chairman and CEO, Chambers is leaving a company with FY14 revenues of more than $47 billion. That’s a lot of growth, a lot of challenges and a lot of stories.

Chambers shared many of them, along with his thoughts on everything from the Internet of Things to his next steps, with Dean Sally Blount ’92 and a packed hall of Kellogg students during the Brave Leader Series.

John Chambers on what he expects out of his organization

Chambers on handling a company “near-death” experience

Chambers unpacks the Internet of Things

Chambers on spin-ins and developing innovation in-house

Chambers on next steps

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