James A. Lico ’97, President and CEO, Fortive Corporation

A Fortune 500 Startup

10/5/17 - James Lico shared his approach to re-imagine a business in ways that accelerate progress and innovation and create a growth-oriented, global industrial model. His unique story begins with a phone call. After two decades in leadership roles at Danaher, Jim answers his phone to an offer from the CEO: take a part of Danaher and create a new $6B Fortune 500 company.

As Fortive’s founding President and Chief Executive Officer, Jim has driven Fortive’s overall vision, and is uniquely positioned to create extraordinary change. Kellogg was pleased to welcome him to speak at the Brave Leader series, made possible by the generosity of Donna and Lloyd Morgan, BBA '62 & KSM ’63.

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The Brave Leader 2019-2020 series has featured:

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About the Series

Kellogg hosts prominent leaders from business, government and civil society who engage the community in thought-provoking discussions about key issues facing the business community and the world at large.