About Certificate Program for Undergraduates

The Kellogg School of Management prepares our graduates for involvement in the nonprofit sector as senior staff and board members. Through a strong academic portfolio and wide range of co-curricular activities as well as numerous student clubs and activities, Kellogg offers students and alumni the opportunity to build a tool kit of skills to engage in important, impactful work in the nonprofit sector. The Social Enterprise curriculum engages students from across the Kellogg School in conversations about the intersection of management and society across disciplines, preparing informed leadership for multiple sectors.

In addition, Kellogg provides thought leadership to nonprofit organizations, enabling them to manage more efficiently and meet their missions more effectively. Through executive education, research and technical assistance, Kellogg engages with organizations of all sizes and missions. Our portfolio of executive education programs provides leading edge thinking in critical areas of nonprofit leadership and management and brings together the knowledge base of Kellogg faculty and the seasoned experience of nonprofit practitioners.

Kellogg supports a range of activities for our students, the Evanston and Chicago communities and the nonprofit sector at large including events, research and student consulting for nonprofit organizations, all part of our effort to lead bravely, collaborate passionately and change the world.