Funding for Summer Experiences

Kellogg supports students interested in nonprofit and social enterprise summer experiences | Social Impact | Kellogg School
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Funding for Summer Experiences

Financial support is available for students participating in social impact internships during the summer quarter while enrolled in the Kellogg MBA program. This also includes student funding for social entrepreneurs working on their ventures full-time over the summer quarter. Project Impact funding is made possible through a generous gift from the Combe Family. Students must be participating in a summer internship with significant social impact to be considered for funding.

Types of summer experiences supported

All Kellogg students are encouraged to apply for funding support while participating in social impact internships over the summer. The Kellogg Social Impact staff will determine if the internship is truly a social impact internship by reviewing each student’s individual application materials.

The following are examples of sectors that fall within social impact for the purposes of summer internship stipend consideration:

● Sustainability
● Nonprofit/government
● Financial inclusion
● Health and human services
● Education
● Impact Investing
● Social impact consulting
● Corporate social impact

Summer Internship Funding

All Kellogg students are subject to quarterly and lifetime funding caps. These caps allow Project Impact to distribute funds fairly across the Kellogg student population. All funding is subject to an application and approval process that will take into account the strength of the student’s project as well as outside factors, outside funding, financial need and fund availability. Project Impact provides a stipend to selected students with consideration for 1) the estimated cost of living for the city the student will be working in; and 2) compensation provided by the employer. Kellogg’s Social Impact team calculates our stipend maximums by city by using publicly available data. Stipends typically range from $5,000 - $7,000 for the summer.

Students who are not completing social impact internships with an outside company/organization but are working on their own social entrepreneurial venture full-time over the summer months are eligible to apply for a stipend of up to $5,000.

Application Process

To submit an application for 2019 summer internship funding please apply HERE.