Social Impact at Kellogg aims to inspire and equip business leaders to create positive, significant and sustainable impact in the world.

The Social Impact pathway is designed for students who want to create positive social change throughout their careers. The conceptual basis of the pathway includes classes to: define social value; identify and implement strategies to effect change through partnerships between business, government and non-profits; and anticipate and manage inevitable value conflicts. The pathway recognizes that social change may come through different professional tracks: The Policy track examines the interface with and impact of the public sector, the Nonprofit Management track looks at leading non-profit organizations, and the Social Innovation track focuses on new and sustainable approaches to impact and scale. Beyond these in-depth courses students should also consider engagement opportunities, like labs and experiential courses, as well as co-curricular opportunities including clubs, competitions, and speaker series.

Faculty sponsors: Jan Eberly (Finance) and Tim Feddersen (Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences)

Social Impact

1 | Conceptual Basis

Leadership and Crisis Management
KPPI 440-5

Strategy Beyond Markets
KPPI 441
Ethics and Leadership
KPPI 460

Public Economics for Business Leaders: Federal Policy
KPPI 470
Public Economics for Business Leaders: State and Local Policy
KPPI 480

2 | Depth

Regulation of Competitive Strategies
BLAW 437

Macro Policy and Global Capital Markets
FINC 473

Managing Firms for Sharholders and Society: Thought Leadership Seminar
FINC 484-5 

The Education Industry
KPPI 454-5

Public Economics for Business Leaders: Federal Policy
KPPI 470

Public Economics for Business Leaders: State & Local Policy
KPPI 480

Leading Voices
KPPI 920-5

Strategic Challenges in Emerging Markets
STRT 466

The Economics of Energy Markets
STRT 958-5

Leadership Perspectives in Nonprofit Management
KPPI 450-5

Board Governance of Nonprofit Organizations (Kellogg Board Fellows only)
KPPI 453-5

Board Governance of Nonprofit Organizations
KPPI 455-5

Organization of Non-Profit Initiatives
KPPI 952-5

Humanitarian and Non-Profit Operations
Social Innovation
Sustainability Reporting and Analysis
ACCT 459-5

Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance
FINC 946 

Corporate Social Innovation
KPPI 917-5

Social Impact and Technology Innovation
KPPI 925-5

Early Stage Impact Investing
KPPI 940

Decision-making for Sustainable Business
KPPI 947-5

The Business of Social Change
KPPI 957

Effective Philanthropy
KPPI 958 

Thought Leadership Seminars
KPPI 484
KPPI Thought Leadership Seminars are suggested for all Depth tracks when offered

3 | Engagement / Lab

Education Consulting Lab
KPPI 618-0

Health and Human Rights
KPPI 933

Medical Technologies in Developing Countries
KPPI 673-5
Venture Lab
FINC 615

Global Initiatives in Management–Social Impact
INTL 473

Advanced Board Governance
KPPI 471
Social Innovation: Designing for Change
KPPI 452

Sustainability Across the Enterprise
KPPI 936

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