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The Healthcare at Kellogg (HCAK) pathway prepares students for the unique challenges and opportunities in the healthcare sector. Foundational HCAK offerings integrate fundamental managerial disciplines (e.g., economics, strategy) with deep exposure to the industries comprising the healthcare sector, while advanced courses apply these concepts to the specific problems facing managers in the life sciences and payer/provider sectors. As a capstone to the pathway, HCAK students may test and hone their skills through an experiential or field course.

Faculty sponsors: Craig Garthwaite (Strategy)

Foundational courses

Start with a set of foundational courses that integrate fundamental managerial disciplines with deeper exposure to the healthcare sector.

In-depth courses

Life Sciences/Products Track

These in-depth courses help you apply foundational concepts to specific industry issues and stakeholders, while also preparing you for the strategic and managerial challenges that are unique to life sciences companies.


*Recommended that students complete the healthcare option for final project

Payer/Provider Track

Hone your knowledge and skills through these in-depth courses on what it takes to help shape and guide a successful healthcare system in the U.S. and around the world.


  • Using Analytics to Create and Capture Value in Healthcare
    HCAK 941-5
  • Managing Health Care Services in a Value Based Setting: HCAK 951-5
  • Leadership in Today's U.S. Health Systems: HCAK 924-5
  • Understanding Healthcare's Global Marketplace: HCAK 928-5, HCAK 928-25
  • Strategy and Execution for a Successful Healthcare Delivery System: HCAK 935-5
  • Value Creation & Capture in an Evolving Healthcare Market: HCAK 980-5
Experiential/Field courses

As part of your capstone experience in HCAK, you'll participate in experiential learning courses so you can start applying academic theories to real-life situations.


  • Medical Technology Financing and Commercialization: HCAK 611
  • Health and Human Rights: SSIM 933
  • Medical Technologies in Global Public Health: SSIM 673-5
  • Healthcare Strategy Consulting Lab: STRT 947
  • NUVention Medical Innovation I: HCAK 615
  • NUVention Medical Innovation II: HCAK 616
  • Forging and Funding Health Care Startups: HCAK 627

Healthcare Entrepreneurship Track

This is a dynamic and exciting time to be in healthcare, especially if you have an entrepreneurial mindset and you want to make a difference in this growing industry. In addition to challenges any startup or early-stage business faces, the complexities of healthcare present further issues that entrepreneurs must be familiar with. Kellogg’s new and dedicated focus on healthcare entrepreneurship will help you gain knowledge, experiences and connections across areas of healthcare where innovation is most active and impactful.

Foundational courses

Start with these foundational courses to be an effective entrepreneur or investor in an early-stage healthcare company.


In-depth courses

Hone your knowledge and skills through these in-depth courses that will see you advance your healthcare entrepreneurship skills.


  • NUVention Medical Innovation: HCAK-615/616
  • Medical Technology Financing and Commercialization: HCAK-611
  • Pharmaceutical Strategy: HCAK-931
  • Value Creation and Capture in Biopharmaceuticals: HCAK-960-5
  • Managing Health Care Services in a Value Based Setting: HCAK-951-5
  • Digital Health for the Entrepreneur: HCAK-975-5
  • New Venture Launch: ENTR-466
  • New Venture Development:
Experiential/Field courses

Take part in an independent study on a particular topic or area of interest while receiving dedicated support, mentorship and guidance from the HCAK team.

Independent study projects will be listed in the Fall along with applications to participate. Projects will take place in the Winter and Spring quarters.

  • Work with healthcare organizations to help solve real-world challenges
  • Receive guidance for those looking to start their own venture
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