Energy & Sustainability Pathway

Managing the world’s resources in a sustainable way is increasingly central to competitive dynamics and value creation. The Energy & Sustainability Pathway offers students a map to curricular resources for leading enterprises in natural-resource-based industries (especially energy, food and agriculture, and mobility), and for integrating sustainability into enterprise and investment decisions. The selected courses build on the core MBA curriculum as a foundation and offer extensions that allow students to develop deep expertise in the economics and strategy of energy markets, corporate sustainability, and sustainable investing and entrepreneurship. The pathway combines different learning approaches including conceptual frameworks in academic courses, experiential learning and interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities. It is supported by a rich set of co-curricular activities. The Energy & Sustainability pathway prepares students for careers in the traditional and renewable energy sector, other natural-resource-based industries, corporate sustainability and consulting, and corresponding entrepreneurial and investment roles.

Faculty sponsors: Klaus Weber (MORS) and Meghan Busse (Strategy)

Energy & Sustainability

1 | Foundational

Business Strategy
STRT 431-0

Microeconomic Analysis
MECN 430-0

Ethics and Leadership
KPPI 460-0

2 | Competitive Advantage

Economic Analysis and Policy in Energy
The Economics of Energy Markets
STRT 958-5

Public Economics for Business Leaders: Federal Policy*
KPPI 470-0

Topics in Contemporary Energy and Climate Change
ISEN 410

Leading Voices*
KPPI 920-5
Business Sustainability
Decision-Making for Sustainable Business
KPPI 947-5

Sustainability Reporting & Analysis
ACCT 459-5

Social Innovation: Designing for Change*
KPPI 452-0

Social Impact and Technology Innovation*
KPPI 925-5

Corporate Innovation and New Ventures*
KIEI 903-0

Managing Firms for Shareholders and Society*
FINC 484-5
Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance
FINC 946-0

NUvention: Energy

Venture Lab*
FINC 615-0

Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture* Capital
FINC 445-0

Launching and Leading Startups*
KIEI 470-0

3 | Exploratory/Experiential

Sustainability Across the Enterprise
KPPI 936-0

GIM Energy
INTL 473-0
Powering the Future
ISEN (Non-credit seminar)

The Business of Energy/Technology Energy
Kellogg/McCormick (Non-credit seminar)

* Courses marked with an asterisk are complementary courses that do not necessarily contain energy or sustainability content, but are likely to be of interest to students with interests in the specified area.

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