Entrepreneurship is a career path for many students upon graduation or later in their career. Launching a new venture raises unique challenges given that a sustainable business model has yet to be determined and financial resources are initially limited. . A second path to entrepreneurship is through acquisition of an existing company, which brings challenges of its own and reaches across all business functions.

This pathway offers a curriculum that combines strategy, finance, organizations, and marketing in pursuit of successful new venture creation or acquisition of an existing company. For those interested in new ventures, the pathway includes a sequence that allows students to develop and launch new companies (ENTR 462, 464, and 466), coupled with courses that develop discipline-based skills of particular relevance to building new firms. For those interested in acquiring a company, the introductory course (ENTR 905-5) is followed by courses to develop the skills required to complete the acquisition as well as to be a successful operator.

Faculty sponsors: Ben Jones (Strategy), Mitchell Petersen (Finance)

New Venture
Entrepreneurship through Acquisition

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