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Events and Conferences

Executive Programs and Dates

Creating Strategic Value Through IT
Date: November 12 – 15, 2017

Driving Organic Growth Through Innovation
Date: April 1-5, 2018; September 24-28, 2018

Creating and Leading A Culture of Innovation
Date: April 16-18, 2018; September 10-12, 2018

Delivering Business Growth
Dates: March 25-28, 2018; October 21-24, 2018

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Academic Community

CRTI exits at the dynamic intersection of academic endeavor and business practice. Here we create new knowledge through our research, share it through education and advisory services and turn it into social and economic value through collaborative efforts with our corporate, government and nonprofit organization partners.


The heartbeat of CRTI is our faculty and global network of academics who drive research in the areas of technology management and innovation. CRTI supports their efforts in many ways, intellectually and financially, resulting IN groundbreaking research, invention and knowledge dissemination through leading academic journals and commercially-distributed books. CRTI faculty and associates have collectively produced hundreds of academic articles that have been featured in the Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan, The Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Opportunities for students include:

  • Doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships
  • Research grants for Kellogg faculty in innovation and technology
  • Senior fellowships for experienced executives
  • Visiting faculty appointments


The Kellogg School’s distinctive approach to education carefully balances the study of management with the study of the processes that drive consumer, business and financial markets forward. CRTI faculty encourage Kellogg students to participate as partners in research and curriculum development in the areas of technology and innovation.

Opportunities for students include:

  • Research scholarships
  • Summer internships
  • Student conferences and roundtables
  • KIN Global Prize







Academic Partners 

Academic Partners