Kellogg Magazine Fall/Winter 2019

AI is here

Kellogg is training leaders on
how to harness AI to solve
business problems
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Making their marks

Review the accomplishments of Kellogg alumni entrepreneurs over the past 10 years

The network's newest

How alumni are tapping into the pool of recent grads for their recruitment goals

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Worried your employees are slacking? Rethink how you pay them.

Research reveals the optimal incentive system, and it’s surprisingly simple

Another reason to bring your "whole self" to work

When employees don’t have to compartmentalize personal and professional identities, everyone wins

What causes stock market swings?

Tariffs? Job reports? Oil prices? A new volatility index pinpoints which factors make investors feel uncertain.

The great winemakers don't follow trends. They shape them.

These businesses aim for excellence and novelty, and then work hard to win over the tastemakers


Brave thinkers

Regina Gwynn ’09 and Lauren Washington ’11 mentor black female tech founders

Brave thinkers

Tom Trkla ’84 and his team at Yesway re-examined the duties of a CMO

Passion Project

Carmita Semaan ’04 and Sarah Berghorst ’10 are leveraging their MBAs in the education sector

Passion Project

Ada Osakwe ’11 sees her MBA as a mission to help businesses in Africa


Letter from the Dean

Francesca Cornelli addresses alumni

Master Class

Brooke Vuckovic explains how literature can make you a better leader


A Q&A with Julia Flynn Siler ’93


How one organization is encouraging Kellogg grads to think pro bono