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Kellogg Alumni Real Estate Network

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The Kellogg Real Estate Alumni Network ("KREAN") is committed to fostering a professional network of alumni working in, and/or with an interest in real estate, providing programming to build relationships and broaden knowledge within the real estate industry, and promoting closer relations among The Kellogg School of Management, The Guthrie Center for Real Estate Research, and Kellogg real estate faculties, students, and alumni.

KREAN operates internationally with presence in seven cities in the United States and Europe, and strives to promote real estate education at the graduate, and postgraduate levels; help cultivate relationships among Kellogg real estate alumni, faculties, and students, the Guthrie Center, and professionals in the real estate industry; collaborate with Kellogg’s Office of Admissions and recruiting applications for admission to Kellogg; assist General Members of KREAN in career development and advancement; maintain a partnership with Kellogg’s Alumni Relations; and enhance the quality of Kellogg’s educational experience for students by providing opportunities for students to interact with alumni.

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Network Leadership

Ryan Moore '17

Kyle Lopatin '21
Vice President

Mirela Gabrovska '98

Kathy Jang '10

Frank Montalto '22
Director, Alumni Relations 

David Mandell ‘17
Director, Communications 

Todd Dorsey '20
Director, Events 

Eric Lee '23
Director, Events 

Matty Rosenberg '16
Director, Events

Andrew Fox '21
Director, Student Engagement

Daniel Cho '17

Chris Darby '23

Joe Dardis '19

Matt Dittman '19

Sandra Kafka '20

Daniel Sobelman '08

James Wright ‘09

Selina McUmber '03
Market Lead Director, Dallas

Beth Anne Demeter ‘09
Market Lead Director, Denver

Tom Lisiecki '15
Market Lead Director, Europe

Mike Fishbein ‘12
Market Lead Director, New York City 

Ellen Stucky  '23
Market Lead Director, New York City

Francis Ting  '21
Market Lead Director, New York City

Meredith Bledsoe '20
Market Lead Director, San Francisco

Vish Kulkarni '14
Market Lead Director, San Francisco

Claire Marszalek '19
Market Lead Director, San Francisco

Sarah Jameel  '23
Market Lead Director, Washington DC


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