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We are excited to announce the Kellogg Global Investor Network as an affiliate organization of the Kellogg School of Management.  The purpose of the Kellogg Global Investor Network is to bring together Kellogg alumni and current Kellogg EMBA students who want to be connected to different types of investment opportunities as well as those looking for investors, board members, and strategic partners.  The range of investment opportunities is open and will include start-ups, seed-rounds, real estate, business acquisitions, ETA, social impact investing, etc.  


The Kellogg Global Investor Network is not a fund but rather acts as a collaborative catalyst to bring Kellogg's global alumni networks together to:  

(i) Learn how to invest in different investment opportunities with other Kellogg alumni, 

(ii) Bring your executive expertise to support Kellogg businesses and investments, and 

(iii) If there is an interest in investing in an investment opportunity, the Network brings you together with others to do so separately on an individual investment level. This way like-minded Kellogg investors can be brought together based on their individual investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation.  


The Kellogg Global Investor Network has a global network in place to build a global membership and identify global investment opportunities that can be presented to its membership.  There will be Kellogg alumni who will present to Network members later this summer via Zoom - our goal is to have investment presentations to members on a quarterly basis.  There is no cost to join, those involved with the Kellogg Network do not receive compensation, and there is no requirement to invest unless you see an opportunity that is a fit for you. 


If you are interested in receiving updates and emails on investment opportunities within the Kellogg community and on the many other ways to get involved with the Kellogg Global Investor Network, please fill out this Registration Survey.


If you are interested in submitting an investment opportunity to the Kellogg Global Investor Network, please submit this Investment Submission Form. Thank you.

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Kostas Poulakidas
Executive Director 

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