Kellogg Alumni Club of Dallas/Fort Worth

Kellogg Alumni Club Of Dallas

U.S. Regional Club

The Kellogg Alumni Club of Dallas/Fort Worth provides you with local opportunities to interact with others in the Kellogg community and continue building your professional and social networks. Connect with us and stay informed about events in your area so you can meet fellow alumni, find others in your industry and gain valuable insight from thought leaders.

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Club Leadership

John Parolisi '91

Holly Duncan '05
Past President

Sean Lofgren '01
VP, Finance

Mark Howard '98
VP, Marketing

Don Osvog '89
VP, Board & Club 2.0

Harjot Sachdeva '10
VP, Board & Club 2.0

Jeff King '87
VP, Exec Alumni Engagement

Tarun Kumar '14
VP, Fundraiser Events

Jack Rubarth '95
VP, Speaker Series

Matt Kurtz '07
VP, Web & Social Media

Bryan Xie '13
VP, Marketing Strategy

Paul Johnson '13
VP, Email Distribution & Networking Tools

Jake Carter '12
VP, Online Project Management Tools

Daniel Malinowski '13
TYSA President

Airpit Parikh '13
TYSA President

Laura Gordon '97
KAC Partner

Marty Ellen '89
KAC Partner

Flann Harris '04
NU Club President

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