Finding the Right Scholarship

We know that funding your business school education can be challenging. To help you meet this challenge we offer a variety of different scholarships based on merit or financial need to newly admitted students, awarded at the time of admission. Scholarships opportunities for rising second-year students are also available.

Africa Scholars Program

The Kellogg School of Management is committed to a diverse student body and understands the significant growth and global economic impact that derives from the African continent. In an effort to continue providing opportunities for prospective students from Africa and promoting the overall diversity of our class, Kellogg is excited to introduce the Africa Scholars Program.

The Africa Scholars Program pays a portion of tuition ($70,000 USD) for citizens of African countries who pursue an MBA at the Kellogg School of Management. Kellogg will award up to four scholarships annually. In addition, one of the scholarships has been named after Benjamin Codjoe. Benjamin was a citizen of Ghana and a great Kellogg student who recently passed away and his legacy has made an enormous impact on the Kellogg community.

To be considered, prospective students with African citizenship will have to apply and be admitted to Kellogg. Once admitted, decisions will be made by the Office of Admissions and will be decided based on the competitiveness of the applicants. No additional application needed.

Merit Based Scholarships

We award merit scholarships to exceptional students who have demonstrated excellence in one or more areas of their applications. Admitted students are automatically considered for all merit scholarships for which they are eligible. Students are informed of merit scholarships at the time they are admitted.  However, we encourage students to look outside of Kellogg for additional funding opportunities.   

We award a variety of merit scholarships that include but are not limited to:

Diversity Scholarships:

  • Diversity Scholarship – Awarded to extraordinary students from under-represented backgrounds to add diversity to the Kellogg community.
  • James P. Gorter Scholarship – Awarded to outstanding students from under-represented backgrounds in the Two Year MBA or MMM program.
  • Forté Foundation Scholarship – Awarded in partnership with the Forté Foundation to female students based on a demonstrated commitment to women and girls via community involvement or personal mentorship.
  • Reaching Out MBA Fellowship – Kellogg partners with Reaching Out MBA and offers scholarship opportunities to develop LGBT business leaders of tomorrow.
  • Posse Scholarship – Provides full tuition, awarded to extraordinary alums of The Posse Foundation with academic and leadership potential.

Academic, Professional or Special Interest Scholarships:

  • Frederick C. Austin Scholarships – Awarded to a cohort of students admitted to the Two-Year MBA or MMM Programs for academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, and community impact.
  • Kellogg Growth Scholarships – Awarded to candidates with exceptional potential to help them grow personally and professionally throughout their time at Kellogg and beyond.
  • Kellogg Scholarship – Awarded to students in all of our full time programs based on overall achievements, demonstrated leadership and academic abilities.
  • Donald P. Jacobs International Scholarships – Awarded to strong international students in the Two-Year MBA and MMM Programs. 
  • Healthcare at Kellogg Scholarship - Awarded to an outstanding student interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.
  • Kellogg Finance Network (KFN) Scholarship – Awarded to a student with outstanding merit with an interest in finance.
  • John R. Flanagan Excellence Grant Awarded to a student with outstanding merit with an interest in Finance.
  • Andrew & Alice Fischer and the Peter L. Frechette Endowed Scholarships – Awarded to students interested in pursuing product development, entrepreneurship and biotechnology careers.
  • Charles J. Schaniel and the David Himmelblau Scholarships – Awarded to outstanding students with an interest in accounting.  
  • Robert A. & Helen E. Gottschal Scholarship – Awarded to an extraordinary student with an interest in entrepreneurship.
  • PepsiCo Scholarship – Awarded to outstanding students with an interest in marketing careers.
  • David F. and Margaret T. Grohne Family Foundation Scholarship — Provides full tuition to an exceptional student in the Two-Year MBA and MMM Programs
  • Glen W. Fawcett Scholarship Fund – Awarded to a strong representative of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.  
  • George Terry University of Cincinnati – Awarded to a Graduate of the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering who has demonstrated outstanding academic ability.
  • McGraw Foundation Excellence Grant – Awarded to a student committed to helping further environmental protection.

External Scholarship Resources

Other Scholarship/Fellowship Information

Northwestern University Office of Fellowships for Graduate Students

Financial Need Based Scholarships

Admitted One-Year MBA, Two-Year MBA, and MMM applicants who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents may be considered for financial need based scholarships. To be considered, you must complete the optional Financial Need Based Scholarship Application during the admission process.  This application will have no impact on an applicants admission decision.    

Current students in the Two-Year MBA and MMM Programs who received a Financial Need Based Scholarship in their first year are eligible to have their award renewed for their second year if satisfactory academic progress is maintained.

External Scholarship Resources

Other Scholarship/Fellowship Information

Northwestern University Office of Fellowships for Graduate Students

Second Year Scholarships

There are a number of additional scholarship opportunities for students entering their second year who have demonstrated strong leadership and academic excellence.

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