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Clinical Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations Adam Pah teaches a group of MBA students.

New Kellogg courses address emerging global business issues, expand dynamic programming

11 new courses emerge from Kellogg’s cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives and academic departments

By Rebecca Rogalski

11/10/2016 - The Kellogg School of Management is excited to announce the launch of 11 new courses for the 2016-2017 academic year. With topics ranging from human-machine partnerships to leading startups to the business of social impact, these courses emerged from Kellogg’s cross-disciplinary strategic initiatives and academic departments.

“With increasingly complex problems facing our rapidly changing business environment, curriculum innovation in the MBA program is key,” said Senior Associate Dean of Curriculum and Teaching Therese McGuire. “As we train the future business leaders of the world, it’s critical to create new courses that foster innovation and take our students to the forefront of knowledge in their respective areas.”

The new course offerings, which incorporate applied learning applications and guest speakers, include:

 Human and Machine Intelligence
 (Adam Pah, Spring 2017)

Human and Machine Intelligence delves into new research findings on artificial intelligence and the applications for modern business leaders. Using sophisticated AI programs like IBM’s Deep Blue and Google’s AlphaGo, this course will develop students’ data science skills and teach them to apply “human+machine thought partnerships” to grow businesses.

“While there are many examples of machines outperforming humans at some tasks, its less clear when machines can augment human decision-making and creativity,” said Adam Pah, Clinical Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations. “We will focus on how students can leverage machine intelligence, while discussing the possibility and limitations of machine-learning to enhance their output and performance beyond a human or machine alone.”

 Launching and Leading Startups
 (Brad Morehead, Winter 2017; Carter Cast, Spring 2017)

Launching and Leading Startups examines some of the most challenging and pervasive problems faced by entrepreneurial CEOs – including evaluating markets, developing products, mitigating risk, and creating effective go-to-market strategies while leading teams and managing boards from the CEO “hot seat”.

“Our Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative leadership team realized there was an opportunity to offer a broad survey course for innovative, entrepreneurially-minded students who want to gain exposure to entrepreneurship,” said Carter Cast, Clinical Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. “This will be a good class for students who are curious about entrepreneurship and who think they may pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor in the near future, whether through starting their own business, acquiring a business or joining an early-stage startup.”

Consumers, Culture and Leadership (Greg Carpenter, Fall 2016)

Consumers, Culture and Leadership explores how firms develop a deep understanding of customers, how leaders can create more agile, innovative organizations and how leaders can create new markets, redefine existing ones and deliver value to demanding buyers.

“Much of the thinking behind customer centricity was developed at Kellogg and remains central to our distinctive approach,” said Greg Carpenter, James Farley/Booz Allen Hamilton Professor of Marketing Strategy. "The timing seems right to offer a new course to more formally explore the rising influence of consumers, how organizations are transforming their culture to focus more on consumers, and successful leadership models for customer-centric firms.”

Business of Social Change (Megan Kashner, Winter 2017)

Business of Social Change studies a singular social issue to help students understand the causes, measurement, levers and outcomes inherent to the business of social change work. With this term’s focus on uneducated and unemployed American youths, students will hear from guest speakers including policy experts, large-scale employers of youth, impact measurement experts and experts on labor, detention and workforce development.

"We’ve added this new course to provide students with the foundational tools and approaches to follow a social or sustainability challenge from etiology to measurement to levers for change and impact,” said Megan Kashner, Clinical Assistant Professor in the Kellogg Public-Private Interface. “Students will complete this course with the skills to determine the roots of a problem and the paths to large-scale and market-driven change."

Other new courses for the 2016-2017 academic year include: