Negotiation Skills and Strategies

More than 80 percent of CEOs and other executives leave money on the table when negotiating, according to J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations Leigh Thompson. They settle for too little. They walk away from the table unnecessarily. They act tough, damaging the long-term relationships their businesses need to thrive.

What negotiation skills do you need? What strategies should you employ? From developing the latest research to grounding students and practitioners in the fundamentals, Kellogg's world-renowned faculty have earned a top-notch reputation for helping you reach agreements on your biggest deals.

Know your BATNA and use it to inform your offer. Figure out when to make the first move, and understand what you and the other party want out of the arrangement.

Negotiation is a lifelong practice, and Kellogg helps you to be your best at the table.

The latest in negotiation tips and learning from Kellogg's acclaimed faculty

  • Leigh Thompson

    Negotiation Tactics 101

    Learn effective negotiation skills in under an hour with four videos covering topics such as the most common mistakes to avoid, your BATNA and more.

  • Negotiation lies

    Lies are unwise

    Calling an offer "final" when you know it's not isn't tough negotiating—it's a lie. And lying will cost you at the negotiation table in the long run.

  • Negotiation First Move

    The first offer

    Should you be the one to make it? Everyone insists you should always go second or risk revealing too much. But what if everyone is wrong?

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