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To educate, equip & inspire brave leaders who build strong organizations and wisely leverage the power of markets to create lasting value.

Key Facts

Full-time Class of 2018 Profile 41% Women

41% Women

96% Employment Rate

60,000+ Alumni Network

305 Million plus raised in Transforming Together campaign

$320.5M+ Campaign Progress

7 Campuses Worldwide

Our Thought Leadership

What the Downfall of Michael Flynn Teaches Business Leaders About Hiring Bad Apples

Fortune / Professor Harry Kraemer explores what management lessons the Trump-Flynn teaches to business leaders.

Sitting Near a High-Performer Can Make You Better at Your Job

Kellogg Insight / “Spillover” from certain coworkers can boost our productivity—or jeopardize our employment.

Recessions Push People to Buy Cheap Things, Which Just Makes Everything Worse

Harvard Business Review / Professor Sergio Rebelo examines how consumer behavior is contributing to deeper recessions and slower recoveries.

Want to Network Like a Pro? Get Your Story Straight

Kellogg Insight / You will meet hundreds of people this year. Are you ready?

Hackers, Empathy And Neuroscience: A Conversation With Moran Cerf

Forbes / Professor Moran Cerf discusses what makes for successful hackers and scientists, as well as the future of neuroscience.

How the U.S. Army Recruits and Retains Millennials

Kellogg Insight / Lessons from the military on making the most of your ambitious millennial workforce.
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