Data and Data Analysis

Data analytics is growing exponentially in the marketplace and becoming an increasingly important business tool. You need to have the right data to make a strong case for your initiative or product. Instead of relying on data scientists, leaders need to build their own knowledge of data analysis so they can make informed decisions and take an active role in the process.  

According to Professor Florian Zettelmeyer, executives either underestimate the potential for analytics or set unrealistic expectations for them. They often delegate the role of data analytics to others in their organization, but they need to embrace them as a necessary competency in creating successful organizations. In fact, leaders equipped with basic knowledge of data analytics are best prepared to ask the hard-hitting questions that uncover their business’s most pressing issues.

Kellogg’s faculty thought leaders and practitioners are at the cutting edge of data analytics and data science. As the field evolves, Kellogg provides engaging opportunities and knowledge that students and executives can use to build their careers, grow their capacity and thrive.

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Kellogg faculty guidance, opinion and research on data and data analysis

  • Data visualization

    Data is worth 1,000 words

    Data visualization is more than pretty pictures; the results are indispensable for making or breaking a business case.

  • Working knowledge of data analytics

    The analytical leader

    Big piles of data can be intimidating, but leaders with critical thinking skills are able to see the stories data tells.

  • Data aggregation

    Compressing big data

    Aggregated digital platforms combine data more quickly and offer consumers more convenience.

  • Thermostat big data

    Putting the heat on data

    Nest thermostats are a prime example of how big-data strategies allow us to control the mechanical realm.

  • Motherboard data analytics

    Revved up on data

    Big Data is paving the way for driverless cars by allowing a more precise and agile adaptation to vehicle operation.

  • Florian Zettelmeyer

    Mind your numbers

    Professor Florian Zettelmeyer discusses how leaders who understand data analytics can better manage their data teams.

  • Consumer packaged goods data analytics

    Big data, big insight

    Big data provides insights consumer packaged goods firms use to fill knowledge gaps and refine marketing tactics.

  • Data analysis for basketball

    Full-court press on data

    Daryl Morey, GM of the Houston Rockets, has incorporated data analytics into every aspect of team decision-making.

  • Data analytics' power

    Data analytics' power

    Florian Zettelmeyer discusses how leaders can use data analytics' insights to transform their organizations.

  • Neuromarketing

    The business of brains

    Neuromarketing goes brain-deep to answer our most burning questions about consumers and improve engagement.

  • Double-Data

    Double down on data

    Nobody owns the truth of data analytics, but we can work together to improve how we benefit from its insights.

  • How leaders drive analytics

    Leaders can't hire their way out of data analytics. They need to understand the basics to make sound decisions.

  • IBM logo

    Trading analytics insight

    A data analytics plan helps brands understand customers and gives them an edge in the fast-paced marketplace.

  • Moran Cerf

    Mindful mapping

    Mind-reading isn't just for mediums. Organizations are mapping brains to delve deeper into what consumers want.

  • Baseball

    Data's home run

    Billy Beane's courage as a leader and knowledge of data produced a grand slam for the Oakland Athletics.

  • Truck

    Putting the internet to work

    Florian Zettelmeyer shared his insights about how organizations can make the industrial internet work for them at GE's Minds+Machines Conference.

  • Crowd illustration

    The power of crowdsourcing

    Is giving the people what they want really the best solution? Brian Uzzi says crowdsourcing rejuvenates innovation and sparks creativity.

  • Car on the road

    Is what you see what you get?

    Social interaction can affect purchases as small as a cup of coffee or as major as a new car.

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